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Taca Airlines was at first Central American Air Transportation, back in 1938. In the beginning, the company’s focus was on cargo transportation, though it has evolved to include passengers as well. By 2004 the Salvadorian company had offered flights to 10 major US cities, Canada, Mexico City, and Central America. Taca and Avianca are now partners and are offering flights to people to over 100 destinations. Join us as we uncover the methods through which you can get in touch with those at the headquarters.

Where is the Taca Corporate Office?

The Taca main headquarters are in San Salvador, with American offices found in Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, and Miami.

Taca Headquarters Address: Taca Headquarters Edificio TACA Santa Elena San Salvador, San Salvador 1 El Salvador.

Taca Headquarters Phone Number: The main phone number for contact purposes is 1-571-587-7700, though you can find more numbers on the Taca Press page. You can also fax using the number 1-571-423-5500.

Taca Headquarters Email: Also on the Taca Press contact page, you can find several email addresses for locations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.

Taca Headquarters Website: You can find the Taca headquarters contact page at  www.taca.com/eng/cus/coff/coffouroff_planans.asp?id=55.

Taca Headquarters Executives

There are quite a few names which we can mention here, mostly because the company isn’t particularly sizeable. However, these are the most important players on board for sure.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Taca Airlines Roberto Kriete
Vice President of Commercial Business Estuardo Ortiz
Marketing Director Sarah Sandoval
Director of Communications Claudia Arenas

How to Complain to Taca Corporate Headquarters

Got feedback or any negative reviews? Shoot them up at one of the useful links below. Among them, you will find other pages that you might find useful to discover more about the company.

Taca Resources

Aside from the main website, you can also get in touch with various representatives of the brand using one of the following social media platforms from below.

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