UnitedHealth Group Headquarters Information

UnitedHealth Group Headquarters Information

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UnitedHealth Group is a large, for-profit managed health care company. Worldwide it has an estimated 115 million customers, bringing in a revenue of an estimated $226.2 billion. Want to know more? We have all the information you need to know about the unitedhealth group headquarters.

What Is UnitedHealth Group?

UnitedHealth Group is an incorporated managed health care and wellness company that has four main segments: UnitedHealthcare, OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx. These are the companies that have their roots at the UnitedHealth Group headquarters.

The company offers health benefits to those living in all 50 states and to those in 130 countries around the world.

Where Is the UnitedHealth Group Headquarters?

The Unitedhealth Group headquarters is based in the town of Minnetonka, Minnesota. The headquarters are located at 9900 Bren Road East, UnitedHealth Group Center, in Minnetonka, MN.

Other Worldwide Headquarters?

The location in Minnesota is the main headquarters of UnitedHealth Group headquarters, although there are other headquarters throughout the world. There are three different businesses in Brazil. In India, there are offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Pune.

In Ireland, there are teams based in Letterkenny. The company continues to grow its Dublin operations. There are also offices in the Philippines in Alabang, Taguig, Quezon City and Cebu. UnitedHealth Group also has several locations in the United Kingdom, with offices in London, Berkshire, Dyce, Ealing, Grantham, Mitcheldean and Oxford.

What Is the Relationship to United Healthcare?

UnitedHealth Group was created in 1977 and is the parent company of UnitedHealthcare. Did you know that UnitedHealthcare is the largest single health carrier in the United States?

How Large Is United Health?

UnitedHealth Group headquarters and its companies are the world’s 15th-largest company by revenue. If you’re curious as to what the other 10 largest companies by revenue are, they are:

  • Walmart
  • State Grid (China State Owned)
  • Sinopec (China State Owned)
  • China National Petroleum (China State Owned)
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • BP
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Berkshire Hathaway

Interesting Facts About UnitedHealth Group

  • By revenue it is the largest health care company in the world
  • It is ranked third in the 2019 Fortune 500 list
  • It created the first network-based health plan for seniors in 1979
  • It was a publicly traded company in 1984
  • It invests more than $3.5 billion in technology
  • It processes around 1.1 trillion transactions annually

The History of UnitedGroup Headquarters

To fully understand the history of UnitedHealth Group headquarters, you have to examine the entire history of the company.

Landmark Years

In 1977, the UnitedHealth Group headquarters was established under its original name: UnitedHealthcare Corporation. UnitedHealth Group had previously acquired Charter Med Incorporated, a company that was founded in 1974. Perhaps most interestingly, this demonstrates the UnitedHealth Group headquarters as the origin of the HMO model.

In 1988, it reached a landmark by creating the first pharmacy benefit management. This was accomplished through its subsidiary, Diversified Pharmaceutical Services. This was later sold to SmithKline Beecham for $2.3 billion. Yet the company continued to grow. It acquired Ramsey-HMO, HealthPartners of Arizona, The MetraHealth Companies and HealthWise of America, to name a few.

It wasn’t until 1998 that the company reorganized itself as the holding of several independent companies: UnitedHealthcare, Ovations, Uniprise, Specialized Care Services, and Ingenix. At this point, it rebranded itself as “UnitedHealth Group.” This placed it one step closer to the Unitedhealth Group headquarters that we know it as today.

Some Honors UnitedHealthcare Has Received

Over time, UnitedHealthcare has received a lot of recognition for its work. It received special recognition from J.D. Power and Associates in 2011 for having the highest employer satisfaction rating for self-insured health plans. This was an important landmark for UnitedHealth Group headquarters.

In 2010, insurance industry publication, Business Insurance (magazine), named UnitedHealthcare “Readers Choice” winner for “Best health plan provider.”

United HealthHealth Group in the Early 2000s

In 2002, both GeoAccess and AmeriChoice became a part of UnitedHealth Group headquarters. The next year, they were joined by Mid Atlantic Medical Services and Golden Rule Financial. In 2004, the company acquired Touchpoint Health Plan and Oxford Health Plans.

Other groups that were acquired or gradually became a part of the UnitedHealth Group headquarters have been:

  • PacifiCare Health
  • John Deere Health Care
  • Sierra Health Services
  • Health Net’s Northeast licensed subsidiaries

Legislative Influence

The UnitedHealth Group headquarters works closely with several lobbying firms. In 2010, they spent roughly $1.8 million on various activities related to lobbying in order to hopefully achieve legislation that was favorable to them. They also hired seven lobbying firms of their own. 

Foundations by UnitedHealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group headquarters supports two foundations: the United Health Foundation and UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation. These groups were formed in 1999 as not-for-profit private foundations. Through the years, more than $170 million has been provided to help improve health and health care.

UnitedHealthcare’s Optum

In 2011, the Optum brand was created. It serves as the technology-focused division of UnitedHealth Group’s headquarters.

Optum has several different functions. It works with federal health agencies and other similar organizations to help improve the health of those they serve by modernizing and innovating the current U.S. health care system. By working with local and state agencies, Optum seeks to help provide effective solutions for Medicaid and Health and Human Services (HHS) programs.

Of paramount importance to Optum is the dedication to operational excellence in health care plans. They also set their sights on achieving operational excellence in order to consistently expand their membership and champion customer engagement. The bottom line? The goal is to improve clinical quality while, at the same time, managing risks.

Divisions of UnitedHealthcare

There are four main divisions of Unitedhealthcare.

For Employers

First, there is UnitedHealthcare Employer and Individual. This organization provides the benefit plans for large employers across the United States.

Elder Care

UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement focuses on helping the health and providing well-being services to those who are 50 and older.

Economically Disadvantaged

The UnitedHealthcare Community and State serves programs that specifically are designed to help those who are in need or the economically disadvantaged. It also focuses on medically under-served populations and those who do not have health care through their employer.


UnitedHealthcare Global is the division that serves more than 6 million people throughout the world, but primarily those who live in the countries of Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

How Do the Provider Networks Work?

Through their provider network, UnitedHealthcare works directly with providers to negotiate contracts on coverage. These contracts may be changed or even discontinued due to various reasons, including disputes.

Provider Directories

A large part of the work at UnitedHealthcare is maintaining up-to-date provider directories. This is mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and they can actually fine insurers who have directories that are outdated.

UnitedHealthcare has a Professional Verification Outreach program. This program enables them to request updated information from providers proactively. This program is expensive, and it costs an estimated $2 billion just to maintain these directories and keep them updated.

Different Insurance Plans

There are several different insurance plans that Unitedhealthcare offers across the U.S. These have different focuses, product names, and a variety of different offerings, depending upon the type of plan. They are:


UnitedHealthcare Select is an EPO (exclusive provider organization) This means there is no coverage for any provider that is out-of-network.


UnitedHealthcare Select Plus is a preferred provider organization (PPO).


UnitedHealthcare Choice is the HMO branch that allows access to specialists, but UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus is the HMO that allows members to get out of network coverage.


Some plans require a primary care physician referral to see a specialist. These plans are: UnitedHealthcare Navigate, Charter, and Compass.


UnitedHealth Group is a major managed health care company. It is headquartered in Minnesota but has offices all over the world. It insures people in all 50 states and in 130 countries throughout the world. UnitedHealth Group is, by revenue, one of the 10 largest companies in the world.

UnitedHealth Group sprung into existence from Charter Med Incorporated, which was a Minnesota-based company. This was founded in 1974 by Richard Taylor Burke. Through the decades, the organization has acquired several other companies. As a result, it has become one of the largest managed health care plan providers in teh world.

UnitedHealthcare group has had a profound influence on healthcare in America. In fact, the organization has spent millions on lobbying groups. Optum is the technological arm of UnitedHealthcare Group, and it works with teams around the world to promote innovation and improvement in health care and influence public policy in its favor.

UnitedHeathcare Group has two foundations that are used to help improve the state of health care in the entire country. There are several different divisions of UnitedHealthcare, including divisions that are geared toward serving seniors. In the end, UnitedHealth Group, like most companies, has both made contributions and also caused issues at times. Regardless, it remains an important player in the world healthcare market.

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