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Have you ever seen an advertisement for a product that made you more interested in buying it? Any retail company knows that successfully drawing the customer’s attention to products is a necessity for a fruitful business. But who is responsible for the development and printing of all this marketing material? For several decades, Displays2go has been the go-to for many businesses’ marketing needs.

In this guide, we will explore all there is to know about Displays2go. We will be taking an in-depth look at the company’s profile by learning their story, mission, purpose, and core values. Next, we will discover all the products and services Displays2go has to offer for their clients. Finally, we will learn about the company’s newly relocated headquarters in Fall River, Massachusetts. Let’s get this journey started by turning the clock all the way back to 1974.

Displays2go Company Profile

Displays2go, a subsidiary of TAKKT AG, is a manufacturer and e-commerce retailer of point-of-sale displays and is based in Fall River, Massachusetts. They’re a business-to-business wholesaler whose client-base mainly consists of retail businesses and trade shows. In 1996, the company adopted its current name during their transition from a local acrylic sign manufacturer to an e-commerce merchant. This transition allowed the company to expand into creating supplies for trade shows, retail media, and store fixtures.

Company History

In 1974, George Patton founded George Patton Associates, Inc. as an in-house display manufacturer that mainly targeted New England area businesses. Due to Patton’s persistent and tenacious marketing efforts, the company rapidly expanded. By 1992, George Patton was ready to retire, and he handed control of the business to his two sons, Tom and Chris Patton.

In 2012, the TAKKT Group acquired Displays2go for the sum of $120 million. TAKKT CEO Felix Zimmerman commented on the purchase by stating they made the deal to “further diversify [the group’s] product portfolio and noticeably extend [its] e-commerce competence.”

Company Story

“At Displays2go, our top priority is to empower the people we touch every day – our employees and our customers. By living our Core Ideology and always actively listening, we continue to cultivate an energetic, rewarding, and passionate atmosphere that fulfills our staff and keeps us producing products that people truly need. All of our products are ideated and designed to provide the most effective, easy-to-use display and merchandizing solutions for businesses at any stage in their life cycle. It’s our mission to help you connect with the world and build your brand with products that are personalized to your needs.”

Corporate Responsibility, Purpose, and Mission

  • Corporate Responsibility – “We are committed to connecting with the world in environmentally and ethically responsible ways.”
  • Purpose – “Connecting People and Brands”
  • Mission – “Empower people and businesses to connect with the world by providing a wide variety of easy-to-use, brand-enhancing products, and personalized solutions.”

Core Values

  • Integrity – Be responsible and take ownership
  • Partnership – Build relationships and collaborate
  • Innovation – Seek challenges and take risks
  • Growth – Relentless learning and improvement
  • Passion – Get it done and drive to win

Merchandise & More

Now that we have a better understanding of Displays2go itself, let’s take a look at the many products and services the business has to offer for its clients on their online marketplace found here.


In-store signage not only grabs the attention of customers, but it can also direct them where to go to find products they want to buy and display important messages such as contact info and store hours. All of these factors can play a major role in sales. The different types of signage Displays2go has to offer include the following:

  • Sign & poster holders
  • Sign kits & hardware
  • A-frame & sidewalk signs
  • Wayfinding & office signs
  • Printed signs & posters
  • LED business signs

Exhibit Booths

Exhibit booths display products at trade shows. These booths can also be designed with product demonstration in mind. Displays2go has everything a business would need to show their products at a trade show with products including the following:

  • Pop-up displays & exhibit graphics
  • Portable counters & bars
  • Storage cases
  • Tents & canopies
  • Spotlights

Literature Holders

An organized waiting area or lobby can provide a great first impression for a business. Displays2go can give a business that great first impression with literature holders that can hold and organize any type of media:

  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Trifold brochures & pamphlets
  • Business cards
  • Files & folders
  • Newspapers
  • Books

Store Merchandizing

A retail environment that is neatly and efficiently merchandized is a must for any businesses’ reputation. Merchandise is the lifeblood for all retail business. Smart businesses know that displaying the latest and greatest merchandizing tools ends up being a great investment in the long run. Displays2go has anything you need to provide a great shopping experience with merchandizing products:

  • Tables, shelves, & racks
  • Trash bins
  • Cardboard displays
  • Risers
  • Clothing racks
  • Gift card displays
  • Vendor carts

TV & iPad Stands

A retail business that specializes in electronics can attest to the value of having proper displays for products such as televisions, computers, cell phones, and tablets. Not only do these displays show the product to the customer, but they can also prevent potential theft of these valuable products. Displays2go has it all covered with these products:

  • iPad & tablet holders
  • Floor stands
  • Mounts
  • Charging carts & stations
  • Locks & accessories


Retail environments require many tools to run smoothly. Large retail stores endure large amounts of foot traffic. This foot traffic leads to waste and spills. It’s important to dispose of these potential hazards before a customer can slip & fall. While employees are working, their valuables need to be secured. Increased foot traffic can also lead to potential theft. Displays2go has all a retail store could need in ensuring customer safety and employee convenience with products such as the following:

  • Waste & recycling bins
  • Janitor & service carts
  • Traffic signs & cones
  • Lockers & benches
  • Key cabinets

Banners & Flags

Some retail environments are in crowded areas. It’s vital for businesses in dense areas to stand out to the public. One way a business can achieve this is by hanging banners and signs. Displays2go has it covered with these products:

  • Advertising flags
  • Hanging banners
  • Retractable & non-retractable banner stands
  • Street pole banners
  • Pop-up sideline banners


Any business needs furniture. Whether it’s for customers, employees, or kids, furniture is vital. A customer needs to be comfortable while waiting for a service and their children need a place to play. Employees need proper furnishings to ensure a productive work environment. Displays2go has many furnishing products:

  • Tables & chairs
  • Workstations
  • Desks
  • Children’s furnishings
  • Rugs, mats, & carpets


Meetings and presentations are an important internal component for any business. Displays2go has everything a company needs to hold proper presentations and meetings:

  • Podiums & lecterns
  • Easels
  • Presentation boards
  • A/V equipment
  • Raffle drums & prize wheels

Message Boards

Communication is a vital tool in everyday life and the same goes for retail environments. Message boards are an essential tool for communicating with customer and employees. Displays2go has any business covered in their message board needs with the following products:

  • Write-on boards
  • Bulletin boards
  • Letter boards

Display Cases

Retail stores sell products that come in all shapes and sizes available for the customer to touch and examine. Some products, however, may be too fragile or valuable for consumers to have access to. This is what makes having a proper and secure display case important to businesses with valuable goods. Displays2go offers the following display case products:

  • Showcases
  • Cash wraps & counters
  • Flag cases
  • Sports & model cases
  • Museum pedestals & tables
  • Shadow boxes

Displays2go Headquarters Information

On April 13, 2017, Displays2go announced the opening of its new headquarters in the Fall River Commerce Park in Fall River, Massachusetts. This new headquarters features over 500,000 square feet of newly renovated space to house all the company’s functions. This new space features digital wall displays, configurable furnishings, and spacious collaboration spaces.

The newly installed computer systems control all functions including production, planning, and Contact Center management. The move to Fall River began in 2013 when company leaders and contractors desired to consolidate all company functions into one location. Before the Fall River location existed, company functions were spread out over numerous locations.

Final Thoughts and Contact Information

Displays2go provides essential goods and services for any type of retail environment. Evolving from their once humble roots, the company has solidified itself as the go-to provider for many businesses’ merchandising needs. Due to this rapid expansion, the company made the important move to consolidate their resources into one central headquarters in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Displays2go offers a wide variety of products that cover every aspect of a retail environment in a user-friendly and organized e-commerce platform. There is little doubt that this company will stay ahead of the curve in their industry.

Contact Information

81 Commerce Drive
Fall River, MA 02720
[email protected]

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