Staples Corporate Office Information

Staples Corporate Office Information

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Staples, Inc. is an American multinational office supply retailing corporation. The company sells everything from office supplies to office furniture. If you need to outfit your desk with supplies, then this is the place to go for good deals on quality merchandise.

If you are a frequent customer, it may help to learn more about the Staples corporate office. Find out how to contact the company and get some insight into its history.

Staples Company Background

Staples’ corporate website explains the company was the brainchild of Tom Stemberg and a result of a broken ribbon on a typewriter. Stemberg was hard at work on a business document in 1985 when his typewriter ribbon broke. He could not find a store where he could buy a replacement because it was the weekend, and they were all closed.

This caused a realization that there was a great need for an office supplies store that operated on supermarket hours. It took him less than a year to open the business. He was also able to make the products more affordable, which was a nice bonus.

Through the years, Staples has had different slogans that represent its core values. These include “Yeah, we’ve got that.,” which reflects the store’s ability to provide everything a customer needs in one place, “that was easy,” which speaks to the convenience of shopping here, and “make more happen,” which is about how the company is doing more and growing to stay on top of today’s customer’s needs.

Where Is the Staples Corporate Office?

The Staples corporate office is in Massachusetts at 500 Staples Drive in Farmington. Staples is very transparent with customers, making it very simple to contact the corporate offices. The company’s contact us page provides the following information about reaching the corporate office and Staples customer service:

Corporate office phone number: 508-253-5000

Customer Service phone number: 1-800-3STAPLE

Customer service email: [email protected]

You may also visit the Media Contacts page to find the email addresses of various corporate employees. The Staples corporate website provides additional information and methods to contact the company.

Staples Headquarters Executives

You can find plenty of information on Staples’ leadership on their website. Below are a few of the most important members of the Staples executive team.

Staples Chief Executive Officer Shira Goodman
Staples Vice Chairman, Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Hall
Staples Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Christine T. Komola

How to Make a Complaint to the Corporate Office

If you have a problem in a Staples store, you can usually find a resolution quickly by speaking to a manager. If this does not solve your issue or you want to discuss it further with someone higher up in the company, then you can contact the corporate office using the contact information given above.

Staples Resources

For the retail side of Staples check out their official website. You can also interact with the company, get more information, and leave comments by finding the company on social media:




Wrapping Up

Staples is a very open company. It provides a plethora of information and makes its corporate employees available more than other companies. This means that it is easy to contact them to tell them about a bad experience or give them some kudos for doing something exceptional.

Are you a Staples’ customer? Do you have some stories to share about their customer support methodology? Tell us your story in the comments section below!

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