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Mattel is a company famous for its production of toys and other kid-oriented items. Over the years, it has continuously expanded and grown into a world renowned company which has branched out into several charities and smaller businesses as well. One of the projects it’s most well-known for the Mattel Children’s Foundation, there for the needs of children everywhere. If you are looking for easy and efficient methods of getting in touch with them, look no further than this handy guide.

Where is the Mattel Corporate Office?

The Mattel main headquarters are in El Segundo, California, USA.

Mattel Headquarters Address: Mattel Headquarters 333 Continental Blvd. El Segundo, CA 90245.

Mattel Headquarters Phone Number: Contact Mattel headquarters by phone at 1-310-252-2000. You can also contact AG Brands or Fisher-Price, Mattel companies or brands. Fisher-Price can be reached at 1-716-687-3000. AG Brands is available at 1-608-836-4848.

Mattel Headquarters Email: You can find at a form that you can fill in to contact the headquarters via email.

Mattel Headquarters Website: – The official corporate website of Mattel.

Mattel Headquarters Executives

There are several important names which are in charge of daily tasks and decisions. We have gathered the most relevant of these names and compiled a list for your convenience.

CEO Margaret (“Margo”) H. Georgiadis
CFO Kevin Farr
Executive Vice President Peter D. Gibbons
President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Dickson
Chief Financial Officer Joseph J. Euteneuer
Chief Technology Officer Sven Gerjets
Chief People Officer Amy Thompson
Executive Vice President Robert Normile
Executive Vice President Jean-Christophe Pean
Executive Vice President Geoff Walker
Executive Vice President Gabriel Zalzman

How to Complain to Mattel Corporate Headquarters

Sometimes, you might find yourself in need of some other contact methods. For this purpose, we have gathered some useful links which you can use to complain, share feedback, or learn more about the brand.

  • Customer Service: check out the online platform designed specifically for the needs of customers.
  • Toy Store Locations: get in touch with a specific Mattel store by using the store locator tool.

Mattel Resources

If you would like further methods of getting in touch with Mattel, you can also try using one of the following social media platforms from below.

Have you used Mattel products before? Share your information and let us know what your opinion of their toys and services is!

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