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Fitbit’s wearable fitness monitor has become increasingly popular in the past few years, requiring the company to greatly expand their headquarters. In this article, you can find a lot of useful information about Fitbit headquarters. Our guide will tell you the contact information and address for the main corporate office, and we will also provide details about some of the executives in the Fitbit office.

Where is the Fitbit Corporate Office?

Fitbit Headquarters Address: Fitbit Headquarters,
199 Fremont St,
San Francisco, CA 94105
Fitbit Headquarters Phone Number: (877) 623-4997
Fitbit Headquarters

Fitbit Headquarters Executives

Fitbit does not have that many stores located throughout the United States, but you can find their products in a variety of electronics stores. The Fitbit company is mostly run out of their San Francisco office, and their main executives include the following people:

  • Fitbit President: James Park
  • Fitbit Vice President: Amy McDonough
  • Fitbit CEO: James Park
  • Fitbit CFO: William Zerella

How to Complain to Fitbit Corporate Headquarters

Now that you know the corporate address, you can send a complaint to them by writing a letter or visiting their office. You can also submit complaints by calling Fitbit at 877-623-4997 and speaking to customer service, or you can email them your problem by filling out their online form.

Fitbit Resources

You can use these methods to get in touch with the Fitbit consumer support associates if you have any other questions about the Fitbit address, products, executives or offices.

Fitbit Contact Page:
Fitbit Facebook Page:
Fitbit Twitter

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