AIG Headquarters Information

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The American International Group is both a financial and insurance corporation that operates in over 80 countries around the globe. The company has business interests in various forms of general, life, or retirement insurance and some technologies. Using our AIG headquarters guide below, you can find out how to contact their corporate office. We have divided these details into convenient sections to make it easier for you to locate the links you need. You can talk with AIG representatives using one or more of the means we’ve listed for you below.

Where Is the AIG Corporate Office?

AIG Headquarters Address: 80 Pine Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10005, USA
AIG Headquarters Phone Number: Call 1-800-448-2542 for general questions
AIG Headquarters Email: General feedback form
AIG Headquarters Website:

AIG Headquarters Executives

You’ll find information on who some of the top executives at AIG are below.

AIG CEO Brian Duperreault
AIG COO Naohiro Mouri
AIG CFO Sid Sankaran
AIG CIO Douglas A. Dachille
AIG CHRO Claudine Macartney

How to Complain to AIG Corporate Headquarters

Most users find that using the company’s official contact page is the best way to file a complaint with them. This page provides ways to send AIG electronic correspondence, telephone various departments, or reach out to customer service representatives that may be able to help with specific issues.

AIG Resources

You will find information on how to interact with AIG via their website or social media platforms in the section below.

AIG Website:
AIG Contact Page:
AIG Facebook Page:
AIG Twitter Page:

We hope you have found this information on AIG helpful. You now have ways to visit the company’s website, interact with company employees on social media, or send comments, questions, and complaints to the AIG headquarters via phone, email, or more. Please share your thoughts and experiences with AIG with us in the comments section below.

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