Zenni Eyeglasses Headquarters Information

Zenni Glasses Headquarters Information

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Have you ever been to the eyeglass store wanting a nice pair of glasses, but the price tag just didn’t line up with your budget? Do you think glasses should be more affordable, but still trendy and stylish? If you wear glasses and you answered “yes” to these two questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be exploring Zenni eyeglasses and the range of products offered. The innovation of the internet has made buying eyeglasses easier and more convenient than ever before. Spawned from the Internet, the online marketplace revolution has given sellers and consumers instant access to goods. In the San Francisco Bay Area of California, forward-thinking, tech-savvy companies have been at the forefront of this revolution. In the eyeglasses industry, more companies are offering glasses you can purchase online and have shipped to your home in a matter of days. Today, we will take a close look at one of these forward-thinking Bay Area companies: Zenni Optical. In this guide, we will be examining everything there is to know about this company, including the history of Zenni eyeglasses and their company values, products they have for sale on their online marketplace, and the company’s headquarters information. Let’s get started by learning the back-story behind Zenni eyeglasses. 

Zenni Eyeglasses Overview 

Founded in 2003, Zenni Optical started as a small company with big ideas. From the very beginning, their mission was to offer affordable, quality glasses to their consumers. You can buy Zenni eyeglasses that fit your budget but still make you look like a million bucks. Since their humble beginning 15 years ago, Zenni Optical has grown into an industry leader in online optics. With an easy-to-use website that informs and educates the consumer, Zenni eyeglasses include any style of frame for every personality and face.

Company Values and Principles

Zenni Optical dedicates itself to fulfilling the following values and principles:

  • “To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to people all over the world.”
  • “To provide the highest-quality optical lenses to our customers.”
  • “To make it easy to order eyeglasses online.”
  • “To provide exceptional customer support.”

Quality Assurance

“We are committed to providing a quality product and a safe shopping experience.”

Company Leadership

The CEO and founder of Zenni Optical is Levente Tibor Láczay.

Zenni Eyeglasses Products

Offering over 4,000 frames with some starting as low as $6.95, Zenni eyeglasses are available for sale on Zenni Optical’s online marketplace. With so many options available, it can be frustrating to figure out how exactly to go about buying eyeglasses with the correct specifications. Before getting into the products themselves, let’s take a look at how to go about buying Zenni eyeglasses online.

How to Buy Zenni Eyeglasses Online

Buying glasses online is a new experience for many. Here are some tips to help you buy Zenni eyeglasses online:

  • Before purchasing frames, it is important to find out these 2 things: your pupillary distance and frame dimension measurements
  • At the top of the homepage, there will be a menu that says, “men, women, kids”; select the category that’s right for you
  • When looking at the frames, click the color-bar to see the frames in the colors they are available in
  • When hovering over a frame, an enlarged picture of the frame will open; here, you can personalize the frames
  • Also in the enlarged view, you can view the frame’s dimensions and details to make sure they are the right fit
  • When you find a pair of glasses you like, click the yellow order button and follow the checkout instructions

Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Glasses

Zenni Optical offers over 4,000 of the latest and popular men’s, women’s and children’s frames. The prices range from the lowest being $6.95 to the highest being $45.95. With so many options available, Zenni has categorized several styles of frames that are popular among its consumers. Let’s put these categories under a microscope.

Face Shape

Faces come in all different shapes. Whether it’s oval, round, square, diamond, pear, or heart, Zenni has eyeglasses to compliment any shape of the face. If you are unsure which shape your face is, you can watch a video on their website to help identify the correct shape. Still unsure after watching the video? No worries. Zenni also has a quick and fun quiz to help you determine the shape that describes you best.

Retro Eyewear

If you are into retro styles, Zenni Optical offers the most popular frames from throughout the decades. Spanning from the 1930s all the way through the 1990s, Zenni has hundreds of frames for any customer trying to up their retro-game.

Holiday Glam

It’s that time of the year, and Zenni has over 32 frames that are perfect fits for the holiday season. Ranging in price from $15.95 through $39.95, Zenni has a holiday frame for any budget.

Staring at Screens?

Too much artificial light from computer and television screens can fatigue our eyes. When the eyes are over-exposed to these rays, they become dry, blurry, tired, and irritated. Zenni Optical offers Blokz by Zenni’s blue blocker lenses to prevent these symptoms by blocking out blue-light rays. You can add Blockz to any frame for $16.95.


Progressive lenses have a smooth transition between different parts of focal lengths and correct vision at all distances. When wearing progressive lenses, you sometimes have to search for that “sweet spot” of vision when doing activities up close for long periods of time. A great example of this is computer work. Zenni’s workspace progressives supplement normal progressive lenses to provide excellent vision in workplace situations.

Near-range progressive lenses are optimal for distances up to 3 feet and are great for people working at a desk or cubicle. They are great for these types of work:

  • Reading
  • Heavy computer use
  • Detail work
  • Sewing/crafting

Mid-range progressive lenses are optimal up to a distance of 14 feet. Mid-range progressives are great for activities such as:

  • Heavy computer use
  • Office meetings
  • Watching television
  • Music performances
  • Dining out
  • Moderate reading

Standard progressive lenses are optimal up to an approximate distance of 20 feet. They are designed for distance vision with narrow near and mid-range viewing areas. Standard progressives are great for everyday all-purpose use and driving.

Zenni Optical’s workspace progressives allow you to enjoy greater clarity by providing a wider range of view at work, allowing more detail with greater ease, and allowing the wearer to experience less eye-strain. Prices for near and mid-range progressive lenses start at $27.95.

Universal Bridge Fit

Zenni Optical has a special line of universal bridge fit glasses that fit any shape of the face – even those with a low nose bridge. The design prevents the frames from sliding down the face and keeps them firmly on top of the nose. Prices for universal bridge fit frames start at $15.95 and go up to $35.95. 

Perfectly Petite and Extended Fit Frames

While faces come in many shapes, they also come in different sizes. Ranging from $9.95 to $32.95, Zenni Optical has dozens of frames to fit petite-sized faces as well as larger-sized faces.

Prescription Sunglasses

Besides regular eyeglasses, Zenni Optical has thousands of prescription sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Prescription sunglasses offer the same clarity of vision as your regular eyeglasses while providing the convenience and comfort of regular sunglasses.

Return Policy

What if there’s an issue with your frames? Listed below is the return policy posted on Zenni Optical’s website:

“You have thirty (30) days from the date you receive the glasses to call us for a return authorization (RA) number if you want to return them for any reason. If you made a mistake during the order, or you just don’t like the glasses, you can return them for a 50% refund (excluding shipping) to the credit or debit card or PayPal account, or for a one-time-use 100% store credit (excluding shipping). Unused accessories can be returned for a 100% refund (excluding shipping). We will replace broken frames at no charge during this 30-day warranty period. Replacement nose pads and nose pad screws for rimless frames are offered for the lifetime of the glasses. We do not provide replacement screws for frames other than rimless frames. SHIPPING CHARGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.”

“If you feel there is a manufacturing error, return the glasses for inspection within the 30-day warranty period. If our inspection shows the glasses were made incorrectly, we will remake them for you at no charge. Defects in the anti-reflective (AR) coating and photochromic films are warrantied for one (1) year from the date of receipt. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the frames, lenses, or coatings.”

Zenni Eyeglasses Headquarters Information

Listed below is the address and contact information for Zenni Optical’s headquarters located in Novato, California.

Company Information

Zenni Optical, Inc.
448 Ignacio Blvd #332
Novato, CA
United States of America
Tel: (800) 211-2105

What We’ve Learned

Zenni Optical is a leader in the online eyeglasses industry offering thousands of frames for men, women, and children at a price for any budget. With an easy-to-use website that educates the customer, ordering Zenni eyeglasses is a fun and simple process. Zenni Optical rose through the ranks in the tech-savvy, forward-thinking climate of the San Francisco Bay Area to become this industry leader, and has stayed true to its roots.

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