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Roblox is an online game creation platform that combines elements of crafting, social network, and roleplaying. As an online company, Roblox does not have a very large building for their physical headquarters. You can find the address for the Roblox headquarters in this article. We will also share some information for getting in touch with the Roblox company if you have any complaints or questions about the game.

Where is the Roblox Corporate Office?

Roblox Headquarters Address:Roblox
One Franklin Parkway, Building 910
San Mateo, CA 94403
Roblox Headquarters Phone Number: (888) 858-2569
Roblox Headquarters Email:
Roblox Headquarters Website:

Roblox Headquarters Executives

Roblox is mostly controlled by the same man who first created and founded the company. The Roblox executive team includes the founder and these people:

President and CEO David Baszucki
Vice President Scott Rubin
CFO Andrew Chmyz

How to Complain to Roblox Corporate Headquarters

If you have complaints about billing or account management with Roblox, fill out their online email form. Complaints about the game or the company itself can be directed to their customer service phone line at (888) 858-2569. You can also visit headquarters or mail a letter to their address.

Roblox Resources

Use these contact methods to get in touch with Roblox about any other questions or concerns you may have.
Roblox Website:
Roblox Contact Page:
Roblox Facebook Page:
Roblox Twitter Page:

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