Olive Garden Headquarters Information

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Olive Garden is an American restaurant chain specializing in American-Italian cuisine. They are most famous for their amazing garlic breadsticks, which some would argue the restaurant has popularized through their social media presence. Today, it’s one of the biggest name on the American Italian culinary market. Despite that, contacting the Olive Garden headquarters has never been easier.

Where is the Olive Garden Corporate Office?

The Olive Garden main headquarters are in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Olive Garden Headquarters Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr Orlando, Florida 32837 United States.

Olive Garden Headquarters Phone Number: When you are looking to contact someone through the phone, you can call the (407) 245-4000 number to do so. Moreover, if you prefer sending a fax, you can also do that at the (407) 245-6807 number.

Olive Garden Headquarters Email: There is not an official email address which you can use to get in touch with the corporate team. However, you can find a way to submit your messages by heading over to the www.olivegarden.com/Secure/Connect page to fill in the contact form.

Olive Garden Headquarters Website: The official website for Olive Garden is at the address www.olivegarden.com.

Olive Garden Headquarters Executives

Being quite the big company, Olive Garden has an international fame to maintain at this point. The leaders of the brand are, therefore, the face of the business. So, for research purposes, we have provided the names of the personalities at the top of the hierarchy.

CEO Eugene I. Lee Jr.
CFO Ricardo Cardenas
COO David C. George

How to Complain to Olive Garden Corporate Headquarters

There are a few ways through which you can get in touch with Olive Garden if you have any burning questions, complaints, or you would simply like to share some feedback with a direct worker.

  • Location Search: find the Olive Garden that’s the closest to your home.
  • FAQ: discover here a number of common questions and their earnest answers.
  • Contact: learn more ways to get in touch with Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Resources

Olive Garden also has a strong social media presence spread across the most important of platforms. If you are also a social media junkie, you can always stay up to date by following them on one of the platforms from below.

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