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Northrop Grumman Corporation is a business which operates in the domain of aerospace and defense. This company is the spawn of a merge which resulted from Northrop’s 1994 purchase of Grumman. The company ranked as the fifth-largest defense contractor in the world in 2015. Northrop Grumman currently totals over 68,000 people all around the world. It also ranks No. 124 on the 2015 Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations and ranks in the top ten most military-friendly employers. For more information on how to get in touch with them, keep reading below.

Where is the Northrop Grumman Corporate Office?

The Northrop Grumman main headquarters are in Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Address: 2980 Fairview Park Dr. Falls Church, VA 22042 United States OR Clareville House Oxendon Street London SW1Y 4EL (for the United Kingdom branch).

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Phone Number: To reach a representative in the USA, use the (703) 280-2900 phone number. You can also get in touch with the British version with the +44 (0) 207-930-4173 phone number and the +44 (0) 207-747-1949 fax number.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Email: We could not find an email address that you could use to get in touch with a representative of the headquarters.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Website: You can find the main page of the company at the link On this page, you can navigate through numerous useful pages that contain information relevant to your needs.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Executives

There are plenty of names worth mentioning from the executive team of the company. We have gathered the most prominent of them, starting with the CEO and continuing with the numerous Corporate Vice Presidents.

Elected Executives

CEO Wes Bush
Corporate Vice President Sid Ashworth
Corporate Vice President Mark A. Caylor
Corporate Vice President Shelia C. Cheston
CFO and Corporate Vice President James F. Palmer

How to Complain to Northrop Grumman Corporate Headquarters

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Northrop Grumman Resources

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