Northern Hydraulics Headquarters Information

Northern Hydraulics Headquarters Information

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Are you afraid of doing repairs or improvements on your car or home? Well, Northern Hydraulics will empower you to take on any of your do it yourself projects with ease, and have fun doing it!

Northern Hydraulics has 35 years of experience and knows how to get you the right tool for the job. You won’t need to shop at different stores to gather equipment and tools; they have it all under one roof.

Northern Hydraulics Company Profile

Northern Hydraulics’s roots go back to the 1970s in an area of Minnesota called the Range. It was here that a man named Don Katula grew up and worked at his father’s scrap yard and recycled industrial parts business. He recognized the loggers in his town were having difficulty getting parts for their trucks because they were about three hours away from the nearest city.

So Don, only a teenager, recognized this was an opportunity for him to start his own business. He refurbished hydraulic parts and sold them to the loggers. This entrepreneurial move would soon come back and help him become the success he is today.

The Journey

Don later moved on from this business and attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth where he earned a degree in finance and business.  Afterward, he worked in several businesses as an accountant and in sales. He ended up at a company named Ziegler where he sold bulldozers, loaders and other types of excavating equipment. Soon he noticed that sales had decreased for this equipment and he needed to find another way to make money. This is when he went back to his knowledge in hydraulics.

He set up shop in his garage and sold cylinders, How-To manuals for log splinters, and valves. His family worked alongside with him and helped mail out catalogs, take orders and ship them. They moved the store into a warehouse in Burnsville, MN and created their own manufacturing business. This move allowed them to make better quality tools for their customers.


Northern Hydraulics changed its name to Northern Tool + Equipment in 1998 because they had expanded into other products such as tools, water pumps, snow plows, and air compressors. With their 35 years of business success, they are now in over 100 stores throughout the US and still uphold their motto: “Quality tools for serious work.”

Products & Locations

Northern Hydraulics has a variety of products for both small and large companies, the US military, DIYers, and non-profit organizations. They now represent over 1,500 popular brands and guarantee the lowest prices. Listed below are some of the products they carry.

Air Tools & Compressors

  • Air Grinders
  • Air Hammers
  • Air Nail Guns
  • Air Drills
  • Air Punch and Rivet Tool
  • Electric Air Compressors
  • Portable Air Compressors
  • Gas Powered Air Compressors
  • Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • Air Tools and Accessories

Automotive Products

  • Jacks
  • Truck Tool Boxes
  • Engine & Automotive Repair Tools
  • Batteries, Chargers & Jump Starters
  • Cargo Carriers & Ladder Racks
  • Automotive Work Lights
  • Engine Hoists & Stands
  • Automotive Diagnostics
  • Truck Hardware                          
  • Lift Gates and Dump Kits

Construction Tools & Equipment

  • Scaffolding
  • Ladders & Step stools
  • Cement Mixers
  • Concrete Saws & Blades
  • Ground Protection
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Demolition Tools
  • Measuring Tools
  • Painting Tools
  • Abrasive and Sand Blasters
  • Portable Abrasive Blasters
  • Abrasive Blasting Cabinets
  • Blasting Guns and Valves
  • Blasting Hoses
  • Blasting Nozzles
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Protective Gear
  • Soda Blasters and Accessories
  • Sand Blasting Vacuums

Alternative and Renewable Energy Products

  • Solar Panels and Accessories
  • Wind Turbines and Accessories
  • Solar and Wind Systems
  • Power Inverters
  • Energy Storage Batteries
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Charge Controller
  • Portable Power Solutions
  • Solar Heating and Ventilation

Cleaning and Janitorial

  • Vacuums and Floor Cleaners
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Brooms and Brushes
  • Mops and Squeegees
  • Trash and Recycling
  • Cleaning Carts
  • Window Cleaning
  • Bathroom Supplies
  • Clothing and Footwear

Commercial Trucking Equipment

  • Electrical Products
  • Engines
  • Fans
  • Farm and Acreage Equipment
  • Bulldozers
  • Compact Equipment
  • Tractors
  • 3 -Point Category Implements
  • Bucket Accessories
  • Farm Utility Trailers
  • Seats
  • Storage and Mixing Tanks
  • Tractor Accessories
  • Fences and Gate Openers

Food Service and Processing

  • Grills and Accessories
  • Fryers, Roasters, and Accessories
  • Griddles, Pots, and Skillets
  • Cooking Stoves and Burners
  • Meat Grinders
  • Slicers
  • Smokers and Accessories
  • Stuffers
  • Burger Presses and Accessories
  • Fruit Crushers, Juicers and Wine Presses

Fuel Transfer and Lubrication

  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Pumps and Nozzles
  • Fuel Caddies
  • Gas Cans
  • Fuel Hand Pumps
  • Fuel Hoses, Hose Reels, and Accessories
  • Fuel Filters and Filter Crushers
  • Oil Pumps
  • Oil
  • Control Valves and Fuel Meters

Furniture and Office Products

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Desks and Workstations
  • Bar and Bar Stools
  • Filing Storage and Organization Products
  • Office Accessories
  • Water Dispensers, Filters, and Accessories
  • Office Partitions and Room Dividers


  • Portable Generators
  • Inverter Generators
  • Home Standby Generators
  • RV Generators
  • Commercial Generators
  • PTO Generators
  • Generator Heads
  • Generator Accessories

Hand Tools

  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Tool Sets
  • Vises and Clamps
  • Pliers
  • Hammers
  • Pry Bars
  • Screw and Nut Drivers
  • Cutters
  • Hand Saws

Heaters, Stoves, and Fireplaces

  • Electric Heaters
  • Wood Stoves
  • Propane Heaters
  • Natural Gas Heaters
  • Corn, Pellet and Multi Fuel Heaters
  • Dual-Fuel: Gas and Propane Heaters
  • Waste Oil Heaters
  • Heater, Stove, and Fireplace Accessories
  • Diesel Heaters
  • Kerosene Heaters


  • Barn Lights
  • Shop Lights
  • Portable Work Lights
  • Solar Lights
  • Light Bulbs
  • String Lights
  • Flashlights
  • Handheld and Hanging Work Lights
  • Motion Sensor Lights

Logging Equipment

  • Log Splitters
  • Chainsaws
  • Saw Milling and Accessories
  • Logging Tools
  • Log Skidding and Lifting Equipment
  • Log Splitter Accessories
  • Chainsaw Sharpeners and Grinders
  • Pole Saws
  • Wood Storage
  • Chainsaw Bar and Chain

Material Handling

  • Hoists, Lifts and Cranes
  • Hand and Utility Trucks
  • Pallets and Pallet Handling
  • Dollies and Movers
  • Lift Tables
  • Carts
  • Platform Trucks and Cargo Trollies
  • Casters
  • Forklifts and Accessories

Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Lathes and Lathe Accessories
  • Band Saws and Accessories
  • Pipe and Bar Fabrication
  • Drill Presses
  • Belt Grinders
  • Shop Presses
  • Strut Cutters
  • Magnets
  • De-burring and Polishing

Power Tools

  • Impact Tools and Accessories
  • Cordless Power Tool Kits
  • Saws and Accessories
  • Drills and Accessories
  • Woodworking
  • Power Tool Batteries
  • Grinders and Accessories
  • Polishers, Sanders and Accessories
  • Cutters, Shears and Nibblers
  • Sharpeners and Accessories
  • Rotary and Oscillating Tools
  • Drill Bits

Pressure Washers

  • Gas-Cold Water Pressure Washers
  • Electric-Cold Water Pressure Washers
  • Pressure Washer Accessories
  • Gas-Hot Pressure Washers
  • Electric-Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Pressure Washer Replacement Parts
  • Soft Wash System
  • PTO Pressure Washers

Safety Equipment

  • Hearing Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Safety Equipment
  • Traffic Control; and Signs
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Masks and Respirators
  • First Aid Kits
  • Protective Barriers
  • Safety Tape
  • Spill Containment
  • Safety Mats
  • Freeze Alarms
  • Gas Detection
  • Debris and Safety Netting

Snow and Ice Removal

  • Snow Blowers
  • Snowplows and Blades
  • Shovels and Scrapers
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Torch Kits
  • Salt and Sand Storage
  • Snowplow Accessories
  • Roof De-Icers
  • Ground Thaw Blankets
  • De-Icers
  • Roof Rakes
  • Pipe Wraps
  • Snowplow Replacement Parts

Sporting Goods and Toys

  • Camping and Hiking Equipment
  • Coolers
  • Go-Kart and Minibike Parts and Accessories
  • Kid’s Toys and Die-Cast Collectibles
  • Knives
  • ATV and UTV Accessories
  • Ammo Boxes
  • Bar and Recreation Room Furniture
  • Flags and Flagpoles
  • Boat Covers

Weather Instruments

  • Two-Way Radios
  • Golf Cart Covers
  • RV Accessories
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Ice Fishing Houses and Equipment
  • Snowmobile Accessories

Storage Organizers

  • Tool Boxes and Chests
  • Bins and Racks
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Work Carts
  • Workbenches and Work Tables
  • Compartment Storage Boxes
  • Garage and Attic Storage Systems
  • Wall Mount Storage Systems
  • Steel Shelving
  • Tool Bags and Belts
  • Lockers
  • Buckets

Tarps, Canopies and Shelters

  • Canopies and Pop-Up Canopies
  • Instant Garages and Instant Shelters
  • Carports
  • Tarps
  • Sheds and Outdoor Storage Shelters

Tires and Wheels

  • High Speed Trailer Tires and Wheels
  • Lawn Mower Wheels
  • ATV Tires and Wheels
  • Wheelbarrow Wheels
  • Replacement Inner Tubes
  • Commercial Tires
  • Snow Blower Tires
  • Bicycle Tires

Trailers and Towing

  • Trailers
  • Hitch Receivers
  • Trailer Axles
  • Trailer Jacks
  • Trailer Lighting
  • Ball Mount Hitches
  • Towing Couplers
  • Trailer Dollies
  • Trailer Fenders
  • Tow Chains, Ropes and Straps
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Hitch Balls

Water Pumps

  • Engine Driven Pumps
  • 12 Volt Pumps
  • Submersible Utility Pumps
  • Utility Pumps
  • Shallow Well Pumps
  • Booster and Sprinkler Pumps
  • Water Pump Accessories
  • Sump Pumps
  • Hand Water Pumps
  • Frost Free Yard Hydrants

Welding Equipment

  • Multi-Process Welders
  • Engine Drive Welding
  • Welding Helmets and Glasses
  • Gas Welding and Cutting Apparatus
  • Welding Carts and Cabinets
  • Protective Welding Gear
  • Welding Tables
  • Welding Tools, Clamps and Safety Equipment
  • Plastic Welding


  • AC and DC Powered Winches
  • ATV Winches
  • Drill Winches
  • Winch Accessories
  • Gas Powered Winches
  • Air-Powered Winches

Northern Hydraulics Locations

Northern Hydraulics, now called Northern Tool & Equipment, has over 100 store locations within the US. You can find them in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

Northern Hydraulics Headquarters Information

The headquarters for Northern Hydraulics is located at 2800 Southcross Dr. Burnsville, Minnesota. Don Katula now works the business with his two sons, Ryan and Wade, along with devoted employees who share the same core values. These are:

  • Know your customer
  • Provide Value
  • Act with Integrity
  • Empower the individual
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Have fun


Northern Hydraulics is a business that demonstrates the American dream. One man, Don Kaluta, saw an untapped market and proved that anyone can be successful even when you start in a garage. They treat their staff and customers like family, which is a rarity in some businesses today. They build long-lasting relationships and want each customer to enjoy a fun and unique Northern experience while shopping with them.

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