Nike Store NYC Headquarters Information

Nike Store NYC Headquarters Information

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The majority of people, when they hear Nike, automatically picture major athletes and superstars like LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and most recently, Colin Kaepernick. Contrastingly, when the staff and employees think about the Nike brand, they envision their former track and field coach, and Olympian CEO, Phil Knight. He was a mid-distance runner that became a shoe salesman, selling running shoes out of the trunk of his car. Now, he runs this shoe and apparel giant, recognized around the globe, especially in the Nike Store NYC locations.  

Traditionally, Nike stores were designed to primarily showcase apparel and merchandise in small, yet branded stores across the country.  The passion of the founders, however, led them to want to develop a truly meaningful, consistent, and long-term connection with their consumers. This desire led to a design store brand that featured merchandises, technologies, past, legacy, champions, and stories, and provided a comprehensive brand adventure for consumers.

The opening of the Nike store NYC is no exception to the company’s plans to connect more with its consumers. Founded and based in Oregon, Nike wanted to establish a stronger bond with the city of New York, showcasing the Nike Swoosh logo, visible from heights of the Empire State Building. Nike is certain that the new headquarters will inspire its global leadership to add support to prominent sports and fashion centers around the globe. Let’s examine this amazing new structure in more detail and some of the products featured in the headquarters.  

Nike Store NYC Overview?

Nike Store NYC Store Overview

Nike has completely taken over the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street in New York with its new retail headquarters. While this 68,000-square-foot, 6-level facility showcases some of Nike’s customized products and features, it is designed to do much more than that.

According to Nike Direct President Heidi O’Neill, Nike’s research of its buyers shows that despite advances in technology and online shopping, loyal fans of the apparel giant want and need a hands-on, touching, try-on experience that connects them to the brands they love. The Nike NYC headquarters will provide that experience and a digital responsive journey in the process.

The building exterior highlights a transformative perspective of both bowed and etched glass fashioned to reflect and represent a transition that reflects the movement of athletes, dignifies the Nike Swoosh, and depicts the quintessential school of thought of Nike Air.

The entrance to the building, called the “Nike Arena,” showcases the various three-dimensional, seasonal, and sport-divined significances that resulted from the brand. The area houses the “Team Nike Service Desk” to assist the consumer’s buying experience, complete with the “Nike by You Maker Studios” adventure, emphasizing the “House of Innovation” exclusive “Nike Noise Canceling Collection”.

Nike Store NYC Gets Personalized

There’s a separate floor for each demographic with design experiences to suit their individual lifestyles. The fourth-floor sneaker lab, which we will discuss later, is currently the planet’s largest collection of seasonal Nike footwear.

Fueled by digital economics data and stimulated by Nike’s innovative retail idea “Nike Live,” the ground floor of the headquarters building highlights the new “Nike Speed Shop” that offers grab-and-go access to the merchandises local consumers appreciate and enjoy most.

“Our new flagship store is about serving all of our consumers — especially our NikePlus members — with pinnacle innovative products, a unique design and environment, and the very best of personalized service,” declared President, O’Neill.

Let’s examine some of the flagship products housed in this beautiful location in more detail.

Nike Store NYC Products

Nike Store NYC Noise Canceling Pack

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the noisiest places on Earth. With its new flagship store smack dead in the heart of the city center, the Nike brand has been inspired to take action and “silence the city” with their customized and redesigned styles of the past.

Every single shoe is finely crafted with an all white, exceptional quality leather that comes with extractable Nike Swooshes that allow consumers to have more flexibility in their customization of the shoe. Only in New York City, consumers will be able to indulge in even more personalization of their shoes with footwear dye, printing, embroidery, patches, footwear lasering, and even a full shoe accessory station that sells shoelaces, zippers, shoe tongue tags, and more. 

Nike Store NYC Expert Studio

Located on the Fifth floor of the building, the Nike Store NYC Expert Studio is a first of its kind. They dedicated the entire fifth floor to the personalized service that Nike is embracing so heavily. This membership is an exclusive perk provided to NikePlus members where they can enjoy benefits like one-on-one styling sessions with a Nike Expert and early access to seasonally exclusive merchandise, all complete with a digitally adjoined experience, through the use of the Nike App.  

Nike Store NYC Women & Young Athletes

Women and young athletes can get lost on the second floor, in the performance and style footwear. The second floor tells the story of this exclusive demographic and features an overhead fitting room, a mezzanine area for styling and mingling, and a social media-ready selfie backdrop.

Nike Store NYC Men’s Products

This floor is similarly designed like the second floor for women and young athletes but tailored only to men. The third floor, dedicated to the full shopping experiences and desires of men, features innovative head-to-toe merchandise creativeness for every sport, hobby, style and fashion sense.

Nike Store NYC Sneaker Lab

We locate the world’s largest and best shoe collection on the Fourth Floor of the Nike Headquarters, called the “Nike Sneaker Lab”. This is any shoe lover’s dream come true. Tons of Nike displays tell a story with each pair featuring innovative design and the latest fashion.

Nike Store NYC Headquarters Information

Nike Store NYC Headquarters Location

This newest Nike house of creativity lives at 650 Fifth Avenue in New York City, New York. On the corner of Fifth Avenue and West 52nd Street, the location is demurely located in an office building surrounded by black metal and rippled glass. The building can be found, right at the edge of the infamous Rockefeller Center on West 52nd Street, just blocks away from the city’s mass transit, Grand Central Station.  

Nike is only one of many apparel retailers taking up residence in the growing district of Fifth Avenue.  Lululemon, Puma, and even Adidas have announced plans to follow in Nike’s lead.  

More than just a beautiful building, the Nike Store NYC headquarters pays tribute to the city’s diverse and extraordinary champions, athletes and leaders, including Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan. Inside the building, you can see a 30-foot wall made of bark, that is there to remind and represent the company’s origins and beginning years in Oregon. At the top of the staircase, leading to the employee workspaces, you will find a replica of the van that the founders, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, drove and sold Nike’s out of before the brand grew into the conglomerate it is today.

The spontaneity and workability of the space can be attributed to the architect’s open floor plan design and the designated area for employees or guests to lounge and relax in, covered with an assortment of plants and flowers and featuring a plush, green Nike Swoosh formed out of plants.


Nike NYC provides a digitally united experience for customers to discover, learn about, and find the products they need with quickness and accuracy. The new headquarters are home to an open floor plan with a ceiling made entirely from recycled materials.  

If you are a basketball lover, then get ready to be amazed and even possibly dunked on the 4,000 square foot basketball court that’s open to Nike Store NYC employees, NYC high school basketball teams, NYC community partners, and NYC local leagues. It’s capable of holding 400 spectators.

New York City shoppers will have access to a myriad of premium services that include tailoring, alterations, and even bra-fitting for women. And if you don’t feel like lugging around your bags while you visit other shops and stores, Nike customers can make a request to have everything they purchase in the store delivered directly to their home, office, and even their hotel within the Manhattan district, typically on the same day.

Likewise, if there is a particular product not in stock in the Nike Store NYC, one of the Nike Experts can access the entire Nike marketplace of merchandise, both off and online. If they can find the product, they can have it shipped to the customer’s home, reserve it to pick it up in the store or have it delivered the same day.

New York City is one of 12 cities in which the company plans on expanding by 2020. If you happen to live in Los Angeles, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, or London, then you are about to join New York City and get a personalized shopping experience with the Nike brands you and your family love.

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