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This Fortune 500 company is an American corporation manufacturing automobile components for military suppliers, trucks, and trailers. With a history going back to 1909, Meritor Inc. is known for its visionary take on transportation. In 2009, they launched their first hybrid drivetrain system specifically designed for line haul trucks. Today, we will take a look at the Meritor headquarters information and contact details.

Where is the Meritor Corporate Office?

Meritor is headquartered today in Troy, Michigan.

Meritor Headquarters Address: 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084, USA. If you want to send a letter directly to the Board of Directors, use this address instead: Meritor Board of Directors, 33717 Woodward Ave. PMB 335, Birmingham, MI 48009.

Meritor Headquarters Phone Number: Call +1 248-435-1000 to reach Meritor headquarters.

Meritor Headquarters Email: There isn’t an email address to reach the Meritor headquarters, but you can use the contact form on their website and write to the company after carefully selecting the topic you want to discuss.

Meritor Headquarters Website: The official Meritor website contains information on both the retail and the corporate side of the business. However, it is not the friendliest site when it comes to contact details.

Meritor Headquarters Executives

Ivor J. “Ike” Evans served as interim CEO for Meritor until 2015. Today, he is a Director of the Board. William R. Newlin is the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board.

Meritor Chief Executive Officer and President Jeffrey “Jay” Craig
Meritor Senior Vice President and CFO Kevin Nowlan
Meritor Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Cheri Lantz

How to Complain to Meritor Corporate Headquarters

The best way to give your feedback to Meritor is using the Contact Form we provided above or call them by the phone.

  • Use their Contact Us page to get the support you want or learn the things you need.
  • Get in touch with them via social media – their Facebook page shows the “Typically replies within an hour” badge.

Meritor Resources

For more business, corporate, and investors’ information, check out the Investors Relations page.

Meritor Website

Meritor Facebook Page

Meritor Twitter Page

Did you ever have to complain to Meritor about something or offer them your feedback? Tell us how that experience was in the comments down below!

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