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The Menards home improvement chain has many stores located throughout the Midwestern portions of the United States. It is a family operated company, and their headquarters are still in the hometown of the company’s founder. In this article, you can learn all about the Menards corporate office. We will tell you about the Menards headquarters address, phone number, and email methods, so you can easily share feedback with them.

Where is the Menards Corporate Office?

Menards Headquarters Address: Menards Corporate Office,
5101 Menard Drive,
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Menards Headquarters Email:
Menards Headquarters Website:

Menards Headquarters Executives

Menard has roughly 300 stores located within 14 states of the United States. The company is still owned and operated by the same family, so many of their main executives are part of the Menard family.

President John Menard
Vice President Mike Menard
 CEO John Menard
CFO Pete Liupakka

How to Complain to Menards Corporate Headquarters

Menards has a Guest Complaint Form that they customers to fill out for any negative feedback. Once you finish the form, you can put it in an email and address it to their corporate headquarters. You can also fill out their contact form to send a complaint more quickly.

Menards Resources

If you need to contact Menards for anything else, you can use these contact methods to speak to them.

Menards Website:
Menards Contact Page:
Menards Facebook Page:
Menards Twitter Page:

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