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Meijer stores sell a variety of groceries, freshly cooked foods, healthcare, and home goods, and they are popular because they are almost always open. You can learn more about the headquarters for the company in this article. We will tell you the address for Meijer headquarters and show you how to get in touch with their corporate office if you have any feedback to share with them.

Where is the Meijer Corporate Office?

Meijer Headquarters Address: Meijer Inc.
2929 Walker Ave NW,
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Meijer Headquarters Phone Number: 616-453-6711
Meijer Headquarters Website:

Meijer Headquarters Executives

Meijer’s locations are only in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. In addition to their stores, they also have gas stations and car washes. These are the main executives at Meijer:

President Rick Keyes
Vice President Mark Murray
 CEO Hank Meijer
CFO Jim Walsh

How to Complain to Meijer Corporate Headquarters

Those who have problems with Meijer can call their office at 616-453-6711 to share their complaints. To call Meijer toll free from outside of Michigan, give your complaint to their customer service associates, who can be reached by calling 1 (877) 363-4537 or emailing through a contact form.

Meijer Resources

If you would like to speak to Meijer about anything else, use these methods to get in touch with the company.

Meijer Website:
Meijer Contact Page:
Meijer Facebook Page:
Meijer Twitter Page:

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