Lululemon Headquarters Information

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Lululemon is known for its luxury athletic clothing and health based advertising. In this article, you can learn even more about the company’s corporate headquarters. We will let you know what the Lululemon address for their corporate office is, and we will also show you how to get in touch with them if necessary. Keep reading to find out more about the key executives at Lululemon headquarters.

Where is the Lululemon Corporate Office?

Lululemon Headquarters Address: Lululemon Athletica Head Office
1945 McLean Drive,
Vancouver, BC V5N3J7
Lululemon Headquarters Phone Number: 604-732-6124
Lululemon Headquarters Website:

Lululemon Headquarters Executives

Though the offices for the company are mostly based in Canada, they sell their products at shops around the world. These are the main executives for Lululemon:

President Laurent Potdevin
 Vice President Celeste Burgoyne
CEO Laurent Potdevin
CFO Stuart C. Haselden

How to Complain to Corporate Headquarters

You can complain about products by calling 1-877-263-9300. If you have had a problem with a Lululemon store, employee, or other business issue, call the store support center at 1-604-732-6124. The company also has an email form if you would like to share your complaint without speaking on the phone.

Lululemon Resources

If you have any other questions or concerns, use these contact methods to speak to a member of Lululemon customer service.
Lululemon Website:
Lululemon Contact Page:
Lululemon Facebook Page:
Lululemon Twitter Page:

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