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Kia Motor Corporation (known as KIA) is South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, behind Hyundai. The company was founded in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry. Fun fact: the name KIA is roughly translated as “to come out of the East.” Let’s learn more about the Kia headquarters and contact information, shall we?

Where is the Kia Corporate Office?

The KIA company is based in Seoul. However, the company has U.S. based offices in California.

Kia Headquarters Address: 111 Peters Canyon Road Irvine, CA 92606 (U.S.A.); 12 Heolleung-to Seoul SL 06797, South Korea.

Kia Headquarters Phone Number: For the American Kia headquarters we found this phone number: 949-468-4800; for the American customer support we found this number: 800-333-4542.

Kia Headquarters Email: On the Kia Motors America Contact Us page you can find plenty of email addresses and phone numbers dedicated to multiple departments and representatives; for European customers, there is also another Contact Us page.

Kia Headquarters Website: The Kia official website is a merger between the retail and the corporate part of the business.

Kia Headquarters Executives

The Kia Motors Corporation Board of Directors President, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Director is Han-Woo Park. If you want to learn more about the American leadership and executives, you can visit this page.

Kia Vice Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer Hyoung-Keun Lee
Kia Chief Financial Officer, Director & Executive VP Chun-Soo Han
Kia Executive Director & Head-Marketing Choon-Gwan Seo

How to Complain to Kia Corporate Headquarters

  • Use this Contact Us page for support in case you are interested in media relations.
  • Use this phone number for American customer support: 800-333-4KIA (4542)

Kia Resources

Visit the official Kia website for information on both the cars retail business and corporate information.

Kia Contact Page

Kia Facebook Page

Kia Twitter Page

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