Essential James Allen Rings Headquarters Information

Essential James Allen Rings Headquarters Information

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James Allen is an online retailer of diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, gemstones and select fine jewelry. The company offers more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds for purchase on their website in a 360 degree HD view. This technology allows clients to get a full picture of the diamond from every angle and has set James Allen rings apart from their competitors.

James Allen Company Profile

The company was created in 1998 and changed its name to James Allen Diamonds, Inc. in February 2005. The company was founded by Oded Edelman, James Shultz, Michele Sigler and Dean Lederman. Between the four, they have over 60 years of experience selling diamonds and fine jewelry. James Allen sells to clients in the United States, Canada and abroad.

James Allen is the world’s largest privately held online retailer of diamonds. The company’s founders decided to offer and sell their diamonds differently from their competitors. As society leaned more and more towards shopping online, James Allen took this trend and decided against brick and mortar stores. The founders took note that the current generation buying engagement rings are from a time when it’s normal to do all your shopping online.

Using this model, James Allen made sure their website was functional and had the right technology to make clients feel 100% comfortable selecting a diamond and setting. Using the 360 degree HD view, this allows clients to see everything they need regarding the stone they are choosing which in return gives the client complete confidence in their selection.

Along with the technology on their website, James Allen provides an education center. This allows their model of online shopping to be successful because the more educated a client is, the better choice they will make when it comes time to purchase a diamond or piece of fine jewelry.

James Allen provides all the services a regular retail space would provide, making it easy for people to shop online for one of their most important purchases.

Products, Locations & More

James Allen offers a selection of jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

When a client wants to buy James Allen rings, they do so online. The client can design a completely custom engagement ring. Clients are guided through the process of selecting each piece of the ring; they may choose the setting and style of the band, the type of metal for the setting, and the diamond itself.

Clients may not always want to design their own ring. For them, James Allen provides options for choosing a ready to ship ring, or clients may get inspired by images of other James Allen rings from clients who have shared their own ring designs on the website. There is also an option to purchase a designer ring. These rings are completely designed by different designers who have partnered with James Allen.

Clients can view a large selection of loose diamonds and examine the diamond in HD with a 360 degree view.  Clients can view and then select the diamond based on the carat (size), cut, clarity, and color of the diamond.



The diamonds available to buy through James Allen are guaranteed conflict free diamonds. The company only purchases polished diamonds from members of the professional diamond trade. The diamonds sold by James Allen are in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process and the United Nations resolution, all part of the certified conflict-free promise.

James Allen rings come in different colors as opposed to just colorless diamonds. Clients have the option of fancy colored diamonds, which come in an array of colors from yellow, pink, purple, all the way to brown, black and gray.



James Allen rings are not just diamond engagement rings. There are many gemstones to choose from such as blue, pink and yellow sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds. A client may choose a gemstone instead of a diamond for an engagement ring or choose a gemstone for another piece of fine jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces.


Fine Jewelry

Diamonds and gemstones are available is many setting options such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. As with the engagement rings, clients can design their own settings or choose from designer collections.



There are many different settings and styles to choose from. The metal selections range from white, yellow, platinum and rose gold, and come in 14 or 18 carat.



The prices for James Allen rings are easily displayed on their website where the client can quickly see the cost of each diamond they view. From there, as the client designs their ring, they can view the cost of the setting and different types of metal they may want to use. Clients can also set filters so they can only view diamonds and settings within a given price range.

Because James Allen does not have retail stores, they do not retain the overhead of maintaining each location. Therefore, it is reasonable that James Allen offers some diamonds and settings at more affordable prices. However, as a client chooses their own carat, cut, color and clarity of the diamond and their own setting, a ring may become as expensive as a client wishes.



James Allen rings have a lifetime warranty and free shipping worldwide. Along with the warranty, James Allen rings valued over $1,000 also come with a full insurance evaluation. The evaluation can be used to purchase additional insurance if the client wishes. James Allen does not provide insurance but they refer clients to partners who provide this service.



When a client purchases James Allen rings, they may choose from several special financing options. James Allen offers payment options and clients can apply directly from the website.


Education Center

In order to make clients feel comfortable in shopping online, James Allen makes sure that clients have all the information they need to make an educated and well thought out purchase. To achieve this, the company’s website has an education center that explains all the ins and outs of buying a diamond or a piece of fine jewelry. The website describes the different pieces a client must consider before making a purchase.

With each diamond or gemstone available to clients, James Allen walks the client through the cut, color, clarity, carat, shape, anatomy, ideal cut, fancy color, grading, and needed care. The website helps the client understand what it takes to pick out the perfect diamond. It also helps clients choose the right piece of fine jewelry, such as which stud earring is best given the shape of the face. They also give tips on how to find the right piece based on the client’s budget.


Customer Service

There are diamond experts available to answer questions and assist clients 24/7. James Allen rings also has a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists on staff and they are available to speak with clients if they have any questions. Clients may utilize the 24/7 chat available on their website or contact customer service by phone.



After you purchase James Allen rings, you have 60 days to resize the ring. This is important for those who may have ordered the wrong size or realized it needs to be resized once delivered.


Confidence in Your Purchase

James Allen rings come with a lab report from an independent G.I.A., A.G.S  (American Gem Society) or I.G.I.(International Gemological Institute). These reports are to ensure that the diamond the client selected online is in fact the same diamond they received in their setting and delivered to them.

James Allen Rings Headquarters Information

There are two locations for James Allen, a headquarters in New York City and a customer service center in Maryland. While there are no retail spaces, the location in New York City offers clients a chance to visit it by appointment only. This is referred to as the Red Carpet Service which provides diamond and jewelry experts to meet with clients. Appointments for this service are made by contacting the customer service center.

The corporate office/headquarters is located in New York City.

James Allen Corporate Office

  • 551 Fifth Avenue, Suite #601New York, NY 10176

There is also a Customer Service Center in Maryland. The customer service center takes calls from clients on the website and also offers the available website chat, 24/7. If a client needs any help after the ring has been delivered, such as resizing, returns or insurance/finance questions, they may call the customer service center.

James Allen Customer Service

  • 8490 Progress Drive, Suite 125Frederick, MD 21701


James Allen rings offer a new way to purchase an engagement or wedding ring, diamond, or piece of select fine jewelry. As opposed to the brick and mortar stores of the past, James Allen has reinvented the way people shop for diamonds. Located in just two cities, not having retails space allows James Allen to offer a wide array of prices. Through the technology they provide on their website, they make it possible for clients to have confidence in their online purchases.

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