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Intel is a company which produces manufacturing and designing products. Its products include items such as Bluetooth, flash memory, microprocessors, mobile phones, controllers, central processing units, network interface, or solid state drives. When you are trying to get in touch with various representatives of Intel, you can use either of the information that you will find below.

Where is the Intel Corporate Office?

The Intel main headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Intel Headquarters Address: Robert Noyce Building Santa Clara, California 95052 United States.

Intel Headquarters Phone Number: To get in touch with Intel via phone, you can use the number 1-408-765-8080 and speak to someone.

Intel Headquarters Email: You can write to Intel using an email form for general inquires. This form is at the page

Intel Headquarters Website: Access the website to discover their products, to learn about new deals, and to find extensive support for a variety of issues.

Intel Headquarters Executives

The Intel Board of Directors displays 10 names, with Andy Bryant, one of the initial founders of the business, at the top of the list. The other founder, Gordon Moore is no longer pat of the board. Instead, the important role has now been acquired by  Brain Krzanich. Other important executive members include:

Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich
President Renee James
Executive Vice President Thomas Kilroy
Executive Vice President William Holt
CFO and Executive Vice President Stacy Smith
Executive Vice President Arvind Sodhani
Vice President Michael Bell
Senior Vice President Sohail Ahmed

How to Complain to Intel Corporate Headquarters

There are a few solutions to reach Intel if you need tech help, have questions claiming immediate answers, or you have some business propositions for the company.

  • At the Contact page you can find several categories that make it easier for you to get in touch with the right kind of person.
  • Head over to Sales Support for inquires regarding sales.

Intel Resources

There are other ways to contact an Intel representative if the aforementioned variants were not enough. Simply take a look at their social media platforms from below.

Do you use Intel products? Have you tried getting in touch with the corporate representatives to no avail? Let us know!

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