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Humana is a company that provides a variety of healthcare services. They sell health insurance, dental insurance, and other related benefits to individuals and businesses, and the company is the third largest health insurance company in the United States. To learn more about the Humana headquarters in Kentucky, keep reading this article. We will provide details about the address and contact information for the Humana corporate office.

Where is the Humana Corporate Office?

Humana Headquarters Address: Humana Corporation
500 West Main Street,
Louisville, Kentucky, 40202
Humana Headquarters Phone Number: 1-502-580-1000
Humana Headquarters Email:
Humana Headquarters Website:

Humana Headquarters Executives

In addition to their main corporate office, Humana also has a pharmacy based in Phoenix, Arizona and a call center in Cincinnati, Ohio. All of the departments of Humana are currently led by this team of executives:

President & CEO Bruce D. Broussard
 Vice President Beth Bierbower
CFO Brian A. Kane

How to Complain to Humana Corporate Headquarters

Instead of using the Humana address for their corporate office, any mail should be addressed to Humana Correspondence Office,P.O. Box 14601, Lexington KY 40512. You can also call Humana’s customer service department at 1-800-833-6917 if you would like to share your grievance over the phone.

Humana Resources

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about your Humana healthcare, you can direct them to the Humana customer support team through these contact methods.

Humana Website:
Humana Contact Page:
Humana Facebook Page:
Humana Twitter Page:

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