Giant Eagle Headquarters Information

Giant Eagle Headquarters Information

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front store of Giant Eagle Headquarters

Giant Eagle supermarket is an American grocery chain with stores in Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  This supermarket giant was established and then incorporated in Pittsburgh in August 1931. According to the store’s fiscal data, in 2011, estimated sales exceed $9.3 billion dollars, and was therefore named on the list, “Top 75 North American Food Retailers”, by the Supermarket News. Supermarket News is considered the most trusted news and information source for food and retail professionals around the world. Giant Eagle is currently deemed the 49th retailer in the entire United States, with a reported annual revenue of over $9 .9 billion dollars as of the summer of 2014. This 80-year-old company has rivaled even the likes of Walmart and other big name national players in the retail industry and continuously outdoes itself when it comes to opening a string of supermarket chains that is equipped with private brand innovations and services.

Giant Eagle supermarkets offer pharmacy and banking services, photo development, fresh flower shops, dry cleaning services, movie and DVD rentals, and supervised childcare. The Giant Eagle brand now operates over 100 of its privately owned GetGo gas stations. These gas stations offer freshly made food and beverages. They also have 5 luxury Market District stores, 7 “Good Cents” stores, and a new concept, “Express” store, which is more like neighborhood convenience stores.  

In this article, we will look at how Giant Eagle began and the specific private brands associated with Giant Eagle supermarkets. Also, we will review the Giant Eagle headquarters location.

What Is Giant Eagle?

Giant Eagle is open 24 hours

Giant Eagle Perspectives

Giant Eagle consumers can enjoy a vast array of great quality, fresh local produce, seafood and meats and a large amount of services and products that the brand offers to boost customer value. Giant Eagles’s consistent and innovative strategies, dating back to the early 1980s, have assisted the company’s place as a retail contender.  They began their success with the development of the “store-within-a-store-concept” of placing several large departments inside of each supermarket chain.  

Some departments you can find inside of a Giant Eagle are:

  • Automotive
  • Home and Garden
  • Books and Greeting Cards
  • Outdoor
  • Photo Shop
  • Movie & DVD Rental – Redbox
  • Pharmacy
  • Office/Books
  • DayCare
  • In-Store Coffee Shops

Community Service and Support

Giant Eagle is a staunch believer in giving back to the neighborhoods that have sustained its stores for 80 years.  According to David Shapira, CEO,“We believe we have an obligation to give back to the communities from which we earn our living. We also believe strongly that the best community outreach is that of giving combined with human interaction.”

Giant Eagle also works closely and collectively with local farmers and incubation kitchens within a 150-mile radius of the Giant Eagle supermarket stores and is a huge supporter of food recovery in each community.  The “412 Food Rescue Project” that the company started in 2016 has created a market for fruits and vegetables that were not previously made an available in certain areas, or were possibly just not sellable.  

Since the program’s inception, Giant Eagle has donated over 180 thousand pounds of food and served over 152,000 meals.  As of the end of 2017, Giant Eagle now offers a pickup service for their food donations and meals at a select group of 50 stores around the country.

The volunteers and Giant Eagle corporation have revolutionized the food shortage and environmental problem with their groundbreaking innovation, service, and leadership.  Now, let’s look at some of Giant Eagle’s Brands in more detail.

Giant Eagle Brands

different products available inside the giant eagle supermarket

Giant Eagle Market District & Market District Express

In an attempt to take the store’s brand to a new level and attract a new target audience with more upscale tastes, Giant Eagle has re-branded some of its locations as “Market District” stores.  There were 2 stores that initially opened in Ohio and Pennsylvania as of December 2013.

The Market District Express concept came to live in June 2013, in Peters Township, Pennsylvania, and there are only 2 available in the U.S.

Giant Eagle Express Pennsylvania (More Stores Opening Soon)

One of the concept stores that Giant Eagle has erected was opened in May of 2016 in Harmar Township, located in Pennsylvania, and is much smaller than the supermarket store, but much larger than a GetGo.  The Giant Eagle Express store, despite the name, offers the same services you can find in a Giant Eagle supermarket, including free wifi access while you shop.

Giant Eagle GetGo

GetGo is Giant Eagle’s convenience store concept that sells gas and food.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy

Giant Eagle added pharmacy departments to its stores during the 1980s, when it first came out with its “Store-within-a-store” concepts.  The Giant Eagle Pharmacy, aside from normal pharmaceutical products, offers assorted immunization shots throughout the year to help prevent many contagious diseases. There are drive-through pharmacy options in some states, however they are most typically inside of a supermarket location.

Giant Eagle Contact Lenses

In a stunning partnership with Arlington Lens Supply, Giant Eagle entered into the contact lens space in 2010.  Consumers can purchase contact lenses directly from the Giant Eagle website without having to visit a location.

Giant Eagle and Starbucks

Another partnership that Giant Eagle has a undertaken involves its decision to host Starbucks kiosks in several of its supermarket locations. Along with bringing Starbucks’  desirable products to their stores, this partnership also makes it easier for employees to become certified Starbucks servers after an initial training and screening process.

There are many more Giant Eagle services and products in their stores each year and, as technology advances, you can guarantee that Giant Eagle will remain a leader in providing over-the-top services and products for its consumers.  Next, let’s examine the history of Giant Eagle’s headquarters.

Where Is the Giant Eagle Headquarters?

magnificent building of Giant Eagle Headquarters

Giant Eagle Headquarters in O’Hara Township

O’hara Township, the birthplace of Giant Eagle, is subtly named after James O’Hara, who was an early American businessman and a decorated war general. The Giant Eagle headquarters sits in a beautiful open office park in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.

The O’hara community was originally structured as a township and keeps its “Township” name despite a recent home charter ruling in 1976 that rendered townships obsolete. The data collected during the 2010 census showed that O’hara Township has a total population of 8,407 residents.

About Giant Eagle Headquarters

Giant Eagle headquarters is located at 101 Kappa Drive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Current CEO is Laura Karet.   Laura came on as CEO after a 30-year reign of the former leadership of her father, David Shapira, who served as the company CEO since 1980.

Laura is the mastermind behind the “Market District” store idea and continues to develop the GetGo brand.    Laura oversees the world’s largest multi faceted food chain that also sells fuel and pharmacy/medical supplies.  She manages a team of 36,000 employees and moved into her new role as CEO in 2012, from the Chief Strategy Officer position.

There are 144 corporate Giant Eagle locations across the United States, and over 84 franchise stores through Pennsylvania.  Giant Eagle has the highest stock of any supermarket chain in Pittsburgh, mostly because of the region offering stores like “Shop ‘n Save”, “Foodland”, “Save-A-Lot”, and even the “County Market”, which all have a strong connection and presence in the community.  They continue to flourish despite the construction of several Walmart superstores in the area, and emerging chains like Aldi, Save-A-Lot or Ship ‘n Save.


customer garage parking area outside the giant eagle supermarket

Regardless of whether you are searching for all-natural or organic products, everyday pantry canned or dry goods, or wanting to try a new exotic seafood, Giant Eagle consumers will locate savings, experience, and great quality in their private labeled brands.  There are over 10,000 Giant Eagle branded products for you to delve into at any of the 417, marvelous Giant eagle supermarket locations.  

As of this year, Giant Eagle has joined its competitors in the home delivery space and has also partnered with OfferUp which will designate all GetGo locations as safe, designated locations where people can meet up to perform transactions in public.

Customers who choose to shop at any of the Giant Eagle supermarket and brand stores, like GetGo, will find they have access to over 10,000 Giant Eagle branded products and services that give shoppers the name-brand quality they love at and every day low Giant Eagle prices. You will fall in love with each of the Giant Eagle brand products the more you use with them and, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to stop by the Headquarters and have a look around.

Giant Eagle is always looking to add passionate members to its team, so if you are also in the market for a career change, head on over to and check out all they have to offer.  Giant Eagle just doesn’t just guarantee you will love it — they double guarantee it.

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