Follett Bookstore Headquarters Information

Follett Bookstore Headquarters Information

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Follett Bookstore

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For centuries, books have inspired future innovators and have enriched millions of minds with knowledge. With the invention of the printing press, books became readily available to the masses. But in today’s modern education system, where do school systems turn to for quality textbooks? How will these schools adapt to technology becoming a major part of the education system? Well, Follett Bookstore is a one such company that can provide these services. 

Follett is a nationwide leader in providing students with education technology and services, as well as digital and printed content. Besides providing premium preK-12 services, Follet Bookstore is the nation’s leader in higher education services. Follett prides themselves in being more than just a source of books, but a gateway to knowledge as well.

Follett Bookstore Overview 

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For over 140 years, Follett has provided education services for pre-K, K-12, and college campuses. Follett Bookstore serves over half of all students in the United States, working with over 80,000 schools nationwide. Follet is the nation’s leader in providing educational services to our nation’s universities with over 1,200 retail college bookstores and 1,600 virtual bookstores. Having such a large footprint in the market gives Follet a unique insight into how students are learning and buying.

Company History 

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Follett Bookstore was founded in 1873 by Charles M. Barnes. His first bookstore was in his own home in Wheaton, Illinois. Three years later, Mr. Barnes moved his bookstore, now named C.M. Barnes & Company, to 23 LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. The store sold new and used textbooks, stationery, and school supplies to students.

In 1901, C.W. Follett joined the company as a stock clerk. The following year, Charles M. Barnes retired and his son William became the president of C.M. Barnes & Company. By this time, the company had grown into a wholesale supplier for the midwestern United States.

By 1912, C.W. Follett rose all the way through the ranks from stock clerk to vice president and shareholder of the company. Eleven years later, C.W. Follett and his wife, Edythe, purchased the company. For the next three decades, C.W. Follett ran the business with his sons until his death in 1952. Dwight Follet succeeded his father as chairman and renamed the company to the Follett Corporation, which it is still known as today.

Company Vision

“At Follett, we want to empower education everywhere learning is happening.”

Company Mission

“We bring together educational content, products, and technologies to prepare the next generation of learners and educators. By working as a trusted partner to schools and institutions, we help educators drive success for students from their first day of school through college graduation and beyond.”

Follett Bookstore Services

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Now that we’ve learned about the company itself, let’s examine the services Follett Bookstore offers to student across the United States. We will first be looking at pre-K through grade 12 services first, followed by Follett Corporation’s higher learning services.

PreK-12 Services

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Follett provides preK-12 educators with the content, technology solutions, thought leadership, and expert support. Follett helps these educators reach their goals of educating students with a plethora of solutions to suit the needs of any classroom, library, school, district, or any other learning center. Some of the services offered include:

  • New and used certified textbooks
  • Supplemental materials for classrooms
  • Tools and content for school libraries
  • Software solutions
  • Content logistics
  • Professional development opportunities for educators

PreK-12 Books & Materials

Books and other materials

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Follett is the largest provider of educational materials to libraries and classrooms across the world. Follet works with the best publishers in the field to supply these materials. Offering both print and digital services, Follett Bookstore provides anything a school district could need.

PreK-12 Technology

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Follett uses technology to streamline and secure student data. The Destiny Library Manager manages library tasks, inventory tracking, catalog searches, checkouts, and more. Destiny Resource Manager helps boost accountability for all school resources while, at the same time, minimizing any potential losses. Follett’s Aspen Program allows educators to store, track, and analyze a wide range of academic data. 

PreK-12 Professional Services 

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The professional services offered by Follett allow educators to spend more time teaching students and less time on management tasks. Composed of educational experts, Follett’s Content Research and Alignment team is dedicated to finding the proper curriculum for your learning organization. Follett also has experience in helping new schools and libraries launch smoothly and efficiently.

PreK-12 Educator Inspiration

Follett Bookstore offers a variety of webinars, podcasts, videos, success stories, and events for educators. Educators can engage with experts via the Follett Community, or learn what students really want to read at the Follett Students’ Choice lists. 

Higher Education Services

Now that we’ve covered the preK-12 services of the Follett Corporation, let’s dive deep into their services provided for higher education students and faculty. We are going to cover the following

  • campus store
  • Campus retail solutions
  • Campus tech solutions

eFollett Virtual Campus Store

Follett’s online store for college students, the eFollett Campus Store, provides an omnichannel experience that ensures easy customer access to the products and services of their choosing. This platform is connected to all campus retail stores, the Follett (FHEG) distribution centers, and numerous vendors. This eCommerce platform, found online at, can be accessed by any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Campus Retail Solutions

Follett Bookstore is the largest operator of college stores in North America. Serving over five million college students across the nation, these 1,200 retail stores provide educational material that fuels the flames of learning. In addition to textbooks, these stores offer a variety of educational tools such as computers and school supplies. They also sell novelty items such as gifts and clothing.

Purchasing Integrity

Follett Corporation, the first academic retailer to develop standards for fair labor practices, believes that where a product is made is just as important as how it looks. Follett Bookstore only purchases from reputable and responsible vendors. Their vendors must certify in writing that they are in compliance with Follett Corporation Code. Merchandise that is found not in compliance with this code is removed from all retail campus stores and the online store. Vendors who are out of compliance risk termination of service from the Follett Corporation.

Buyback Services

In addition to selling books, Follett Bookstores will buy back used textbooks. Having a healthy assortment of used textbooks is essential to the success of the company. Follett supports more than 3,000 book buyback programs per year, which is more than any company in the United States. Follett provides professional buyback experts to help customers with this process.

Campus Tech Solutions

Follett Corporation is a leader in the distribution and exploration of digital content. Follett Campus Tech Solutions provide what is needed today, but is also able to foresee what will be needed in the future. This benefits not only the campus store but the faculty and the students as well. Let’s take a glance at a quick snapshot of these solutions:  

  • The Brytewave Digital Reader provides students taking online classes a method of easily obtaining digital materials needed for their classes
  • The Follett Discover is a powerful online tool that simplifies course materials for college faculty; this allows more time for them to teach and less time preparing for class. The Follett Discover is a great tool for students too. It provides them with easy access to required course materials. No matter where a student is, they will have easy access to the course information they need. 
  • IncludED is an online resource that ensures all students are ready to learn on the first day of school by providing them with all the information needed to catch them up to speed. Follett Corporation understands the direct relationship between student’s performance and certain course materials.

Follett Bookstore Headquarters Information

Listed below is the contact information for Follett Bookstore headquarters and key Follett Corporation locations:

Follett Corporation

3 Westbrook Corporate CenterSuite 200Westchester, IL 60154Tel: 800-FOLLETT (800-365-5388)Tel: 708-884-0000

Follett School Solutions

1340 Ridgeview DriveMcHenry, IL 60050Tel: 888-511-5114Tel: 815-759-1700

Follett Higher Education Group

3 Westbrook Corporate CenterSuite 200Westchester, IL 60154Tel: 800-365-5388Tel: 708-884-0000

Follett of Canada

3390 South Service RoadSuite 306Burlington, ON L7N 3J5Tel: 877-857-7870

What We’ve Learned About Follet Bookstores

The Follett Corporation started in a house over 140 years ago and is now the North American leader in educational materials. Follett Bookstores have adapted well with the times. Not only are they the leaders in providing printed content to schools, but they are also a leader in providing digital educational content to faculty and students across the globe. Follett also holds themselves and their vendors to strict buying policies. This ensures the integrity of their business.

Learning doesn’t stop after graduating. Follett also provides professional support to educators. This professional support staff hosts events and webinars to provide our children’s educators the right information needed for success. The future for education looks bright as long as Follett is around to supply the demand for the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

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