Electrolux Headquarters Information

Electrolux Headquarters Information

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Electrolux AB is a multinational corporation that manufactures and sells large and small home appliances under its own brand name and several others. Two former companies merged to form Electrolux in 1919. A Swedish investment company called Investor AB owns Electrolux today. Our Electrolux headquarters guide will provide you with contact details for the company. You can talk with their corporate employees using the links and resources below.

Where Is the Electrolux Corporate Office?

Electrolux Headquarters Address: 10200 David Taylor Dr
Charlotte, NC 28262, USA
Electrolux Headquarters Phone Number: 866-449-4200
Electrolux Headquarters Email: You can use the owner support form
Electrolux Headquarters Website: www.electroluxgroup.com

Electrolux Headquarters Executives

In the table below, we present a few members of the Electrolux executive team.

Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson
Electrolux COO Jan Brockmann
Electrolux CFO Anna Ohlsson-Leijon
Electrolux Vice President Daniel Arler
Electrolux CMO Lars Hygrell

How to Complain to Electrolux Corporate Headquarters

The support page for owners of Electrolux products is one of the best ways to get in touch with a representative of the company or to bring up an issue. This page contains an email form you can use to send the company a message, and mailing addresses for various regional head office locations in North America. Please note that in the first section, we mentioned the company’s North American headquarters address, not the address of their global headquarters, which is in Stockholm at S:t Göransgatan 143, Stadshagen.

Electrolux Resources

You will find information on how to interact with Electrolux via their website or social media platforms in the section below.

Electrolux Website: www.electrolux.com
Electrolux Contact Page: www.electroluxappliances.com/Owner Support/Contact-Us
Electrolux Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Electrolux
Electrolux Twitter Page: twitter.com/Electrolux

We hope you have found this information on the Electrolux headquarters helpful. Make sure to visit the company’s website, interact with company employees on social media, or send comments, questions, and complaints to Electrolux via phone, email, or social media profiles. Leave us a comment down below sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding Electrolux.

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