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eBay Inc. is an international corporation that specializes in e-commerce. Its main feature is providing and supervising online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay first appeared in 1995 thanks to a man named Pierre Omidyar, who managed to set the foundation of what would become one of the titans of e-commerce. Today, eBay is one of the most successful business, having locations in over 30 different countries. If you are looking to contact a representative of the eBay headquarters, you will find here plenty of information that you need in order to get the most efficient experience.

Where is the eBay Corporate Office?

The eBay main headquarters are in San Jose, California, USA.

eBay Headquarters Address: 2065 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125, United States.

eBay Headquarters Phone Number: Get in touch with the eBay headquarters at the phone number +1-408-376-7400 or by sending a fax using the number +1-408-516-8811 instead.

eBay Headquarters Email: eBay does not have a particular email address you can find them at.

eBay Headquarters Website: The main website is  www.ebay.com, which also serves as the operating business in itself.

eBay Headquarters Executives

There is a whole team of people working hard behind the scenes of eBay in order to provide the best kind of customer experience possible. We have sought out the biggest and most influential of names and compiled a list with the top leading positions and personalities in charge of the big operations of eBay.

President & CEO Devin Wenig
Chief Executive Officer Steve Fisher
Global Operations Wendy Jones
Chief Strategy Officer Kris Miller
Chief Product Officer RJ Pittman
Chief Financial Officer Scott Schenkel

How to Complain to eBay Corporate Headquarters

You may sometimes encounter various issues which will force you to gear your efforts toward finding alternative contact means. All you need to do is give a shot to one of the useful links below.

eBay Resources

If you would like to contact with eBay outside of the resources we have provided, try doing so at one of their social media platforms below.

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