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This American shoe company is one of the most iconic footwear companies in the world. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, Converse became a subsidiary of Nike in 2003. If you are interested in Converse headquarters information and contacting options, you have to rely on information belonging to Nike as the parent company, although you can learn plenty about Converse  information as well in the article below.

Where is the Converse Corporate Office?

Converse headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts.

Converse Headquarters Address: 160 N Washington St, Boston, MA 02114, USA (whereas the Nike headquarters are found at One Bowerman Dr. Beaverton, OR 97005).

Converse Headquarters Phone Number: Call +1 617-377-1000 to reach the Converse headquarters for Converse-related business issues and inquiries; for Converse customer support you can call 1-888-792-3307; Call Nike at 1-503-671-6453 for the Converse brand-related inquiries; if you have specific issues to address to Converse, check out this Help Page, as they display several phone numbers to certain departments.

Converse Headquarters Email: there isn’t a direct email to reach the Converse headquarters. If you do however want to write to them, it is better to send your message to Nike, so access this Contact Us page from the Nike website.

Converse Headquarters Website: The official Converse website is dedicated to the store. For business inquiries, contacts, investors’ relations, and so on it is better to go to Nike’s Investors Relations Page.

Converse Headquarters Executives

The Nike Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mark G. Parker. When it comes to Converse, the same Board and executives of Nike are responsible for the success of Converse as well.

However, a key-name we have to mention in relation to Converse is Michael Spillane, who leads Nike’s product engines and merchandising as President of Product & Merchandising, and who held leading positions at Converse since 2007.

How to Complain to Converse Corporate Headquarters

You can use the phone numbers displayed on the Nike Contact Us page or the Live Chat features to get your questions asked and your problems solved.

  • You can use the Nike Help Page linked above for more details and support.

CONVERSE Resources

For business issues, corporate governance, press, and other inquiries it is better to consult the Nike Investors Relations page.

Converse Website

Converse Facebook Page (this is the same as Nike’s Facebook page)

Converse Twitter Page (this is the same as Nike’s Twitter page)

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