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The Central Intelligence Agency, also known as the CIA, is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government. Its main occupations are gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world. The CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and its main task is providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet. With the information listed below, you will be able to easily get in touch with some representatives of the CIA for whatever purpose you are seeking.

Where is the CIA Corporate Office?

The CIA main headquarters are in Washington, D.C, USA.

CIA Headquarters Address: CIA Headquarters Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. 20505.

CIA Headquarters Phone Number: You can try reaching the headquarter either by ringing the number 1-703-482-0623, either by sending in a fax at the number 1-571-204-3800.

CIA Headquarters Email: While there is no email address that you can reach the CIA at, you can try reaching them in written form by filling in a contact form at

CIA Headquarters Website: Access the portal to reach the website specifically set up by the government.

CIA Headquarters Executives

Most names of the board of directors and executive team aren’t available to the public, for obvious security reasons. However, we do have some of the most important names in the institution, so discover them below.

Director of the CIA John Brennan
Deputy Director of the CIA Avril Haines
Executive Director of the CIA Meroe Park
Director of Intelligence Fran Moore
Director of Science and Technology Glenn Gaffney
Director of Support Jeanne Tisinger
Director of the Center for the Study of Intelligence Peter Usowski
Director of Public Affairs Dean Boyd
Inspector General David Buckley

How to Complain to CIA Corporate Headquarters

You can rather easily reach out to the CIA if you need tech help, have questions of any kind, or you have some other kind of feedback to offer to those in charge.

  • You can fill in the Contact Form to drop off some valuable feedback.
  • At this link, you can find contact information for the office of the Inspector General.
  • If you have noticed something dangerous in your area, use the Report Threat page to submit it to the CIA.

CIA Resources

Outside of the CIA website, you can also get in touch with various representatives of the brand using one of the following social media platforms from below.

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