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CDC Corporation (CDC) is the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading national public health institute of the country. There are many reasons you might want to contact the CDC headquarters, whether to signal a problem or to ask for an explanation, so we prepared the contact details just for you.

Where is the CDC Corporate Office?

The CDC corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The centers deal with any and all health related concerns, from Zika outbreaks to cancer maps. To find out more about CDC and how it serves the public, contact the CDC corporate office.

CDC Headquarters Address: 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30329 USA.

CDC Headquarters Phone Number: +1 800-232-4636 for CDC headquarters; +1-800-222-1222 for Regional Poison Control Centers.

CDC Headquarters Email: Website form

CDC Headquarters Website: The CDC official website is Being a government agency, the CDC offers all the information publicly on their official website.

CDC Headquarters Executives

The CDC CEO is Anne Schuchat, M.D. She became Acting Director for CDC in 2017 and began her career in 1988 as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer.

CDC Chief Executive Officer and Acting Director Anne Schuchat
CDC Acting Principal Deputy Director Patricia M. Simone, PhD
CDC Associate Director for Laboratory Science and Safety Steve Monroe, PhD
CDC Acting Associate Director for Policy Von Nguyen, MD MPH
CDC Acting Associate Director for Science Patricia M. Griffin, MD

How to Complain to CDC Corporate Headquarters

If you have a public health concern and want to talk with a specialist, or to complain about something, contact the CDC headquarters by using the contact details below:

  • CDC Regional Poison Control Centers: +1-800-222-1222
  • CDC Online Support:  Website form

CDC Resources

If you want to know the latest news about public health, visit the CDC official website. However, CDC does not offer any support outside public health concerns.

Follow these links for more information:

CDC Website

CDC Contact Page

CDC Facebook Page

CDC Twitter Page

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