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Avon Products Inc. (known as Avon – The Company for Women) was founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell, a struggling door-to-door used books seller who decided to switch to door-to-door perfume sales. Nowadays, this beauty, care, and cosmetics company is selling its products in over 100 countries all over the world. However, we’re not going to talk about their products, but about information related to the Avon headquarters and contact solutions.

Where is the Avon Corporate Office?

The global Avon headquarters are in the U.K., but the company has a main office in New York as well. We will present you with both addresses and focus on the U.S.-based contact information.

Avon Headquarters Address: Building 6, Chiswick Park, London, W4 5HR, United Kingdom and 777 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Avon Headquarters Phone Number: For business/investors relations, you’d better call this number: 1 (203) 682-8200; call this number for U.S.-based customer service: 1 (800) 367-2866; call this number for Avon.com customer service: 1 (800) 500-2866 (also U.S.-based).

Avon Headquarters Email: Use this email address for investors’ relations: [email protected]; use this email address – [email protected] – for customer service.  If you need to contact Avon for other issues or inquiries, use this Contact Us page, as it offers plenty of information, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Avon Headquarters Website: The official Avon website is dedicated to both the retail and the corporate side of the business. The information is transparent, complete, and easy to find.

Avon Headquarters Executives

The Non-Executive Chairman of Avon’s Board of Directors is Chan W. Galbato.

Avon Chief Executive Officer Sheri McCoy
Avon Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Jamie Wilson
Avon Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer James S. Scully

How to Complain to Avon Corporate Headquarters

First, use the Contact Us page above to get the phone numbers and email addresses you want, to address the issues you are concerned with.

  • Use this Contact Us page dedicated to media relations.
  • Use social media for more direct contact – their Facebook page shows the “Typically replies within an hour” badge.

Avon Resources

For other information about the company, we recommend you to check out Avon’s Media Center and their Corporate Responsibility page.

Avon Website

Avon Facebook Page

Avon Twitter Page

Do you have some feedback or complaints related to Avon’s business conduct or the Avon headquarters? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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