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Caterpillar Corporation (Caterpillar) is an American manufacturer of various industrial equipment and machinery, like mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. This article will tell you how to contact the Caterpillar headquarters.

Where is the Caterpillar Corporate Office?

The Caterpillar corporate office is located in Peoria, Illinois. The company was founded in 1925, in California. To find out more about Caterpillar and their products and innovations, contact the Caterpillar headquarters.

Caterpillar Headquarters Address: 501 Southwest Jefferson Avenue, Peoria, IL, 61630, USA.

Caterpillar Headquarters Phone Number: +1 – 309-675-2337 for Caterpillar headquarters and international inquiries; +1 – 888-614-4328 for Caterpillar USA and Canada customer support.

Caterpillar Headquarters Email: Website form

Caterpillar Headquarters Website: The Caterpillar official website is You can search for more information about Caterpillar directly here, from its beginning to its present operations.

Caterpillar Headquarters Executives

The Caterpillar CEO is Jim Umpleby since January 1st, 2017. Umpleby joined a Caterpillar subsidiary, Solar Turbines Incorporated in San Diego, as an associate engineer in 1980, and remained with the company ever since.

Caterpillar Chief Executive Officer Jim Umpleby
Caterpillar Customer & Dealer Support Group President R.B. Charter
Caterpillar Construction Industries Group President B. De Lange
Caterpillar Corporate Services Group President Chief Financial Officer B.M. Halverson
Caterpillar Resource Industries Group President D.C. Johnson

How to Complain to Caterpillar Corporate Headquarters

If you encountered any issues withe the company’s products, contact the Caterpillar corporate headquarters. The contact details below will assist you:

Caterpillar Customer Support Phone: +1 – 888-614-4328

Caterpillar Online Customer Support: Website form

Caterpillar Resources

The easiest way to get more information about its products and services is to visit the Caterpillar official website. The company is always innovating and you will find out the latest machines and equipment on almost all industries.

These links will take you to more information:

Caterpillar Website

Caterpillar Contact Page

Caterpillar Facebook Page

Caterpillar Twitter Page

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