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Boa Corporation (Boa Technology or simply Boa) is specialized in a different type of laces, known as the Boa System. With such a revolutionary product, you might want to contact the Boa headquarters and ask them a few questions. No matter your question, inquiry or complaint, the contact details provided below will assist you in giving your feedback.

Where is the Boa Corporate Office?

The Boa corporate offices are located in Denver, Colorado. They also have offices all over the world, line Hong Kong, Austria, South Korea, China, and Japan. If you are curious about the Boa System and want to ask some questions, contact the Boa corporate headquarters.

Boa Headquarters Address: 3459 Ringsby Ct #300, Denver, CO 80216, USA

Boa Headquarters Phone Number: +1 303 455 5126 for Boa headquarters; +1 303 455 0575 Boa fax number.

Boa Headquarters Email: [email protected]

Boa Headquarters Website: The Boa official website is The company was founded in 2001, in Denver, and you can search for more information about their products on the Boa official website.

Boa Headquarters Executives

The Boa CEO is Gary Hammerslag, since 20o1, the year himself founded the company. He is also the chairman of Boa Board of Directors.

Boa Chief Executive Officer Gary Hammerslag
Boa Director of Research and Product Strategy Brett Vladika
Boa General Manager Shuichi Maxx Wada
Boa General Manager Vincent Fung
Boa Vice President of Marketing and Sales Marty Carrigan

How to Complain to Boa Corporate Headquarters

If you’re not happy with the Boa System or if you want to express your content, contact the Boa headquarters. We have gathered all the contact details:

Boa Resources

The Boa official website talks about their products and how they innovated from a simple shoelace to a system that never fails you, no matter where your feet take you.

Follow these links for more information:

Boa Website

Boa Contact Page

Boa Facebook Page

Boa Twitter Page

If you love Boa or if you don’t understand what the big fuss is all about, write it all in the comment section bellow!

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