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An iconic New York brand, Bloomingdale’s dates back to 1872. The founder of the iconic department store is Joseph Bernard Bloomingdale, who opened up the first shop together with his brother, Lyman. Today, the company is a subsidiary and brand of Macy’s. You probably shopped at Bloomingdale’s at least once in your life, so we will focus today on the Bloomingdale’s headquarters information, corporate governance, and contact details.

Where is the Bloomingdale’s Corporate Office?

Bloomingdale’s headquarters are in New York.

Bloomingdale’s Headquarters Address: 1000 Third Avenue New York, NY 10022.

Bloomingdale’s Headquarters Phone Number: Call (212) 705-2000 to reach the Bloomingdale’s headquarters; call 1-800-777-0000 (24/7) for customer support; call Anne Keating (PR) at 212-705-2434.

Bloomingdale’s Headquarters Email: Use this Contact Us platform to pick the topic you want to discuss with the company, and write them an email depending on your needs; for media relations use this email: [email protected].

Bloomingdale’s Headquarters Website: The official Bloomingdale’s website is the online shop itself. For corporate affairs and investors’ relations, you should visit Macy’s website.

Bloomingdale’s Headquarters Executives

Macy’s Board of Directors supervises Bloomingdale’s operations. Currently, Terry Lundgren is the Executive Chairman of Macy’s, Inc.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tony Spring
Chief Financial Officer Karen M. Hoguet
Chief Legal Officer Elisa D. Garcia

How to Complain to Bloomingdale’s Corporate Headquarters

For best results, you should use the customer service phone number we already displayed above to get in touch with the company for concerns, questions, or complaints.

  • Use the Contact Us page above to choose what means of communication you prefer best.
  • Use these Macy’s media contacts if this is what interests you.
  • For corporate affairs, investors’ relations, and business opportunities, contact Macy’s.
  • Use social media – Bloomingdale’s Facebook page shows the “Typically replies instantly” badge.

Bloomingdale’s Resources

As we said, the Bloomingdale’s website is dedicated to the shop and the customers. Everything related to business and corporate issues are easy to find on the Macy’s website.

Bloomingdale’s Website

Bloomingdale’s Facebook Page

Bloomingdale’s Twitter Page

Do you usually shop at Bloomingdale’s? Did you ever have to contact customer support? We’d love to hear from you!

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