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Amway Corporation (known as Amway), short for the “American Way”, is a controversial American company, better known nowadays for its multi-level marketing or pyramid selling system rather than its products. It markets home-care, beauty, and health products. In this article, we will detail ways to get in touch with Amway headquarters.

Where is the Amway Corporate Office?

The Amway corporate headquarters are located in Ada, Michigan, where it was founded in 1959. To contact the company, the following Amway headquarters information can help you.

Amway Headquarters Address: 7575 Fulton Street East Ada, MI 49355, USA.

Amway Headquarters Phone Number: + 1 – 616-787-6000 for Amway headquarters; + 1- 800-253-6500 for customer service; +1 – 800-548-3878 for Amway Telecommunications Device for the Deaf.

Amway Headquarters Email: NA

Amway Headquarters Website: The Amway official website,, offers all you might want to know about its products and also serves as an e-commerce platform.

Amway Headquarters Executives

Amway’ CEO is Doug DeVos, the founder of the company. He is Amway’s president since 2002, and the sun of Amway co-founder Rich DeVos.

Amway CEO Doug DeVos
Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel
Amway Chief Operating Officer Michael Cazer
Amway Chief Marketing Officer Su Jung Bae
Amway Chief Financial Officer Mark Stevens

How to Complain to Amway Corporate Headquarters

If you have a complaint or a question, contacting the Amway corporate office can be a good idea. You can either contact Amway by phone or email. The following contact information will help:

  • Amway Customer Service Email: [email protected]
  • Amway Customer Service Phone: + 1- 800-253-6500

Amway Resources

The Amway official website,, mainly showcases the company’s history and products. The information about how you can join the company and the business model is also presented, and an entire section of Q&A gives answers to the most common questions.

If you want to find out more about Amway, use any of these resources:

Amway Website

Amway Contact Page

Amway Facebook Page

Amway Twitter Page

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