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Ahold Corporation (or just Ahold) is one of the world leading food retailers, with a history of over 150 years. The company was founded in 1887 in Oostzaan, The Netherlands, and, in 2015, merged with Delhaize Group forming a new company, Ahold Delhaize. If you want to contact Ahold, you can use the Ahold headquarters information bellow.

Where is the Ahold Corporate Office?

The Ahold corporate headquarters are located in is in Zaandam, The Netherlands. This is the Ahold international headquarters. In the US, its largest market, the Ahold headquarters are located in Quincy, Massachusetts. If you want to contact Ahold, use one of these Ahold contact methods.

Ahold Headquarters Address: Provincialeweg 111506, MA, Zaandam, Netherlands.

Ahold Headquarters Phone Number: +31- 88-659-9111 for Ahold headquarters; +31-88-659-5134 for international media relations and inquiries; +1-717-240-1513 for US media relations and inquiries.

Ahold Headquarters Email: NA

Ahold Headquarters Website: After the merger, the Ahold official website is www.aholddelhaize.com. It contains all the information about the company’s past, brands, and markets, as well as all the details about its international operations.

Ahold Headquarters Executives

Ahold’s CEO is Dick Boer, who is also Ahold’s president and Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Committee. He was appointed in 2016, after serving the company for 18 years, since 1998.

Ahold CEO Dick Boer
Ahold Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Integration Officer Frans Muller
Ahold Chief Financial Officer Jeff Carr
Ahold Chief Operating Officer, Europe and Indonesia Pierre Bouchut
Ahold Chief Operating Officer, USA Kevin Holt

How to Complain to Ahold Corporate Headquarters

If you have any complaints and want to contact Ahold, you should know that you can either contact a specific store or contact during business hours the international headquarters directly via:

  • Phone: +31-88-659-5134

Ahold Resources

If you want to know more about Ahold, its brands, its operations, and Ahold’s career opportunities, you can visit the Ahold official website.

You can also use some of the resources below:

Ahold Website

Ahold Contact Page

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Ahold Twitter Page

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