Aeropostale Headquarters Information

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Aeropostale is a retailer of casual apparel that targets the teenage range for most of its products. The company has a spin-off brand aimed at younger shoppers as well. Unlike many other apparel franchises, Aeropostale’s puts most of its stores in shopping malls rather than stand-alone buildings. Our Aeropostale headquarters guide will provide you with contact details for the company. You can contact their corporate office using one or more of the means we’ve listed for you below.

Where Is the Aeropostale Corporate Office?

Aeropostale Headquarters Address: 112 W. 34th St. 22nd Fl.
New York, NY
Aeropostale Headquarters Phone Number: 1-646-485-5410
Aeropostale Headquarters Email: We recommend that you use their contact form
Aeropostale Headquarters Website:

Aeropostale Headquarters Executives

Below, you will find some of the company’s key executive positions and the names of the people filling them.

Aeropostale CEO Julian Geiger
Aeropostale CFO Marc D. Miller
Aeropostale Vice President, Finance Operations Bob Hernon
Aeropostale Regional Vice President

Kim Florio

Aeropostale CMO Natalie Apprendi-Levy

How to Complain to Aeropostale Corporate Headquarters

Aeropostale’s contact page provides a range of resources you can use if you need to file a complaint with the company. The bulk of the page includes a contact form you that you can use like an email, and there are links on the side of the page to the main customer support number and a live chat option.

Aeropostale Resources

You will find links to the Aeropostale website and social media platforms in the section below.

Aeropostale Website:
Aeropostale Contact Page:
Aeropostale Facebook Page:
Aeropostale Twitter Page:

We hope you have found this information on the Aeropostale headquarters helpful. You now know where to interact with company employees on social media, or send comments, questions, and complaints to Aeropostale via phone, email, or social media profiles. Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding Aeropostale with us in the section below.

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