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Acura is Honda’s luxury vehicle brand name. Honda launched Acura in 1986 as a way to introduce its luxury and high-performance vehicles to the North American market. Acura expanded to other parts of the globe in the following years. This Acura headquarters guide will provide you with contact details for the company. You can use the contact means we’ve listed for you below to get in touch with their corporate representatives.

Where Is the Acura Corporate Office?

Acura Headquarters Address: 1919 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501-2746, USA
Acura Headquarters Phone Number: 1-800-382-2238
Acura Headquarters Email: [email protected]
Acura Headquarters Website:

Acura Headquarters Executives

You can learn more about some of the key executives at Acura and Honda below.

Acura CEO Takahiro Hachigo (of Honda)
Acura COO Tom Shoupe (of Honda)
Acura Senior Vice President Henio Arcangeli, Jr.
Acura Vice President and General Manager Jon Ikeda
Acura President Frank Paluch

How to Complain to Acura Corporate Headquarters

If you need to contact Acura to file a complaint or report an issue, we recommend trying one or more of the options on their customer care page. This central hub gives you access to an online form for messaging, an email address, customer support phone numbers, and a live chat feature to connect with an Acura representative in real-time. You can also submit a ticket to the company and have them return your call if you are not available to chat when you visit the site.

Acura Resources

You will find information on how to interact with Acura via their website or social media platforms in the section below.

Acura Website:
Acura Contact Page:
Acura Facebook Page:
Acura Twitter Page:

We hope you have found this information on Acura helpful. You now have ways to visit the company’s website, interact with company employees on social media, or send comments, questions, and complaints to the Acura headquarters via phone, email, or social media profiles. Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding Acura with us in the section below.

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