ABC Warehouse Headquarters Information

ABC Warehouse Headquarters

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Sometimes, you just need it all at once. Whether it is a big move, a big birthday, or a big holiday event, everyone finds themselves wishing they could just hit a “one-stop shop” for all of the things they need from appliances to car care, furniture, games, and gifts. Sure, there are big-box stores out there that purport to carry all of these things, but usually the selection is extremely limited. This is where online warehouses like ABC Warehouse come into the picture.With what feels like a limitless inventory crossing all price points and value points on the spectrum, this type of online provider truly serves as a one-stop shop when you feel like you need absolutely everything and you would really prefer to stay at home – in your pajamas – while you make your selections.

ABC Warehouse Overview

ABS Warehousea

When you first encounter ABC Warehouse, it can be overwhelming. Just remember, this provider is here to help you deal with overwhelming needs. The company offers some very unique services besides the usual online warehouse offerings:

  • A “Heartline” to help resolve issues outside of traditional delivery questions
  • Product warranty service help
  • Online and offline locations
  • Online communication options including email
  • “Traditional” lines of communication like phone calls, messages, and postal mail

Physical Locations

the ABS Warehouse

ABC Warehouse offers a vast array of products online, but they also offer multiple physical locations that consumers who like to look at their purchases before they buy them can visit. In fact, there are dozens of locations throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Delivery Ranges

ABS Warehouse delivery

Of course, ABC Warehouse is also available to every customer with an internet connection. Home delivery is highly affordable and available for most large items as well as the majority of the company’s smaller inventory.

Rebates, Promotions, Classes, and Warrantees


ABC Warehouse is dedicated to providing a truly comprehensive customer experience, and that includes helping its buyers enjoy the best prices on everything they purchase and get the most out of their items. To that end, ABC Warehouse offers comprehensive lists on its website:

  • Rebates
  • Promos
  • Warrantees
  • “Featured Parts” for common appliance repairs
  • Details on the latest financing and leasing options
  • Weekly specials

The company also offers a series of cooking classes for those who can attend at a physical location in person. The classes are highly enjoyable and well-attended. ABC Warehouse offers the classes for free and does not require students to pre-register or make a purchase. Even if you do not buy anything, you will still go home with some great recipes.

Careers with ABC Warehouse

Careers with ABC Warehouse

The company has been family-owned and operated since 1963, so ABC Warehouse certainly has a good idea of what makes employees feel dedicated and loyal to the brand. They already employ more than 1,000 people across their 42 locations in the Midwest, and, according to the website, are always seeking “highly motivated people with the desire to prosper in the exciting and challenging field of retail.”ABC Warehouse, like many family-owned companies, has a stated “strong position in promoting from within,” which can help employees feel like part of the family and, as a result, provide better service to customers and clients.

ABC Warehouse Products

ABC Warehouse Products

ABC Warehouse has an incredible inventory of products available. General categories include:

  • Appliances
  • Televisions and video equipment
  • Car audio and video equipment
  • Computers and tablets
  • Office supplies
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Games, gifts, “and more”

Within those bulleted categories, the company specializes in several areas.



ABC Warehouse was founded on the concept that the best way to save customers money and be “the closest thing to wholesale” is to focus on value and service instead of what founder Gordon “Gordy” Hartunian called “merchandizing frills.” As a result, the store’s appliance selection has grown astronomically over the years and includes the following:

  • Laundry
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooking and kitchen packages
  • Dishwashers
  • Air conditioners and heating units
  • Home and kitchen small appliances
  • Vacuums
  • Bakeware and other miscellaneous items

The store not only offers tried-and-true formats for everything from grills to freezers but also provides spare parts for do-it-yourself maintenance and a variety of ever-changing specials and deals on combination packages and the latest appliances appropriate for home improvement and gifting.

Televisions and Electronics

Televisions and Electronics

ABC Warehouse offers much, much more than the latest HDTV options and video equipment. The company provides everything you could need to experience your own outdoor movie night, stream online after “cutting the cord” to cable, and can even wire your entire house for security, smart systems, or sound.The company also provides the latest in computer technology, including desktop models, laptops, and tablets, as well as the accessories to go with them. If you have a home office, they even have the right furniture to optimize the use of your new electronic purchases.Car audio takes center stage as another ABC Warehouse specialty, with a wide variety of speakers, amps, starters and alarms, and even the installation hardware to tie it all together. If you are more of a “classic car” aficionado, you will still find plenty of adaptors and kits to bring your older model up to date with the latest sound systems while retaining the classic feel.

Mattresses and Furniture

Mattresses and Furniture

No matter the size of your bed or the accessories you need for the best night’s sleep ever, ABC Warehouse has the products to fit your needs. Not only do they carry deeply discounted, popular brands like Sealy, TEMPUR-PEDIC, and BeautyRest, but they also have every size and shape of mattress and bed frame imaginable to complement your new sleeping surface.Hoping to re-do more than just your bed frame? ABC Warehouse offers complete bedroom suites as well as custom furnishings for the entire house, all with attractive financing options and delivery available in most cases. The company even offers a line of massage chairs if your options are becoming stressful and too overwhelming.

What Gifts Can You Get at a Warehouse?


Wondering what type of gifts you can purchase at a warehouse store? More than you might expect. Of course, if you are buying for yourself or another member of your household, you might elect to make an appliance purchase or furniture investment in order to improve someone’s living quarters or cooking experience.ABC Warehouse offers a variety of other gifting options as well. For the electronics lover, there are virtual reality goggles and headsets, and your favorite gamer will enjoy the newest in PlayStation and Xbox products. ABC Warehouse has a growing inventory of drones and associated accessories for the family flyers as well.If you are seeking gifts for employees or more casual acquaintances, the store offers a wide variety of coolers and accessories for those coolers, including space dividers and other innovative products. Employees, especially those who spend time out on the road with their jobs, will likely appreciate a tumbler or small, portable cooler option to help keep their meals cool or warm, as the situation requires.

ABC Warehouse Headquarters Information


ABC Warehouse has its headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan. This places the headquarters in the metro Detroit area, which is an ideal place for a corporate headquarters thanks to the city’s financial district and relatively affordable corporate office space.The decision to keep the headquarters in Pontiac, even as ABC Warehouse continues to grow, shows the company’s leadership has kept its focus on “no frills” while also being aware that metro positioning is vitally important to the company’s continued expansion. In fact, General Electric, which also has a strong corporate presence in the Detroit area, was the first provider of the company’s in-house credit card beginning in 2009.Most people assume that ABC Warehouse placed its headquarters at the site of the first physical store, but that is actually not the case. The first store opened in 1963 in Centerline, Michigan. Pontiac is home to the second physical location, however. The third opened in Flint, Michigan, but the headquarters remained in Pontiac. The ABC Warehouse headquarters are located at 1 West Silverdome Industrial Park. Customers can also mail the headquarters by sending correspondence to the following address:P.O. Box 436001One Silverdome Industrial ParkPontiac, Michigan 48343-6001All physical locations are also equipped to deal with issues arising with in-store purchases. The company also provides a toll-free service number for products that require maintenance, repairs, or guidance.

ABC Warehouse Is Growing and Going Strong


With more than 50 years of history and an expanding physical footprint, ABC Warehouse is working hard to maintain its connection with the midwestern states in which its physical stores are located while extending the benefits of strong, customer-oriented values to customers and clients around the country. As ABC Warehouse physical stores become integral parts of their local communities, so can the virtual store become an integral part of online customers’ daily lives, offering them access to “the closest thing to wholesale” in a wide variety of products and inventory.

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