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The United States Department of Homeland Security, most commonly known as the DHS, is part of the USA federal government. It’s a cabinet which deals with issues of public security and resembles the internal ministries from other countries. Some of the important things it deals with are border security, immigration, anti-terrorism, disaster prevention, or cyber security. To get in touch with someone at the headquarters, make use of the information we have provided below.

Where is the DHS Corporate Office?

The DHS main headquarters are in Washington, D.C., USA.

DHS Headquarters Address: The Honorable Jeh Johnson Secretary of Homeland Security Washington, D.C. 20528.

DHS Headquarters Phone Number: You can call the number 1-202-282-8000 to reach the operator line at DHS headquarters. Other phone numbers which you can use are:

Citizenship and Immigration 1-202-272-1200
Coast Guard 1-202-372-4620
Border Protection 1-202-344-1780
FEMA 1-202-646-4600
Law Enforcement Training Center 1-912-267-2447
ICE 1-202-732-4242
Secret Service 1-202-406-5708
TSA 1-571-227-2829

DHS Headquarters Email: The DHS White Pages page at www.dhs.gov/dhs-mailing-address contains over 20 different email addresses.

DHS Headquarters Website: Head over to www.dhs.gov in order to access the official DHS website.

DHS Headquarters Executives

For the executive team, we have gathered a list of names of the people part of the board of directors. They are the ones making the most important decisions and calling the shots.

Secretary (acting) Elaine C. Duke
Deputy Secretary Claire M. Grady
Executive Secretary Scott Krause
General Counsel (acting) Joseph B. Maher
Military Advisor Rear Admiral Eric C. Jones
Under Secretary, Management Claire M. Grady
Chief Financial Officer (acting) Stacy Marcott
Chief Information Officer (acting) Stephen Rice

How to Complain to DHS Corporate Headquarters

You can reach DHS headquarters representatives if you need tech help, have questions requiring immediate answers, or you have other kind of feedback using the extra links below.

DHS Resources

You can also get in touch with various representatives of the brand using one of the following social media platforms from below.

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