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Chipotle Corporation (Chipotle) is an American chain of restaurants specializing in tacos and burritos. Chipotle has restaurants in several countries outside the United States, like UK, Canada, Germany, and France. If you have a complaint, you can talk to the restaurant management. If it is a more serious issue, contact the Chipotle headquarters by using the contact details provided below.

Where is the Chipotle Corporate Office?

The Chipotle corporate headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado. The company is specialized in Mexican style grill and was founded in 1993. To find out more about what they do, contact the Chipotle corporate office.

Chipotle Headquarters Address: 1401 Wynkoop Street, Suite 500, Denver, Colorado 80202, USA.

Chipotle Headquarters Phone Number: +1 – 303- 595-4000 for Chipotle headquarters; there is no registered Chipotle customer support phone.

Chipotle Headquarters Email: Website form

Chipotle Headquarters Website: The Chipotle official website is Here you can go through the menu and even order your favorite meal.

Chipotle Headquarters Executives

The Chipotle CEO is Steve Ells. He founded the company in 1993 and also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Chipotle Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ells
Chipotle Chief Financial Officer John R. Hartung
Chipotle Chief Marketing and Development Officer Mark Crumpacker
Chipotle Chief Digital and Information Officer Curt Garner

How to Complain to Chipotle Corporate Headquarters

Before contacting the Chipotle corporate office, try to solve your problem by addressing the restaurant management team. If the problem cannot be solved in this way, contact the Chipotle headquarters or use the contact details below:

  • Chipotle Customer Support Phone: N/A
  • Chipotle Online Customer Support: Website form

Chipotle Resources

The Chipotle official website has all the information about the menu, how you can order online, and how you can give your feedback.

These links will take you to all things Chipotle:

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